Audi A5 Coupe: Music to my ears

  • We put the A5 Coupe’s sound system to the test
  • Optional Bang & Olufsen system costs £535
  • Sound quality impresses all the family

I don’t know about you but having access to some good tunes while on the move is essential for me when behind the wheel.

We all want moments when we can unashamedly turn up the volume to that old school classic, or loudly sing-a-long to the Spice Girls greatest hits. Right? And besides the shower, inside your car is about the only place you can get away with it.  

When a new long-termer joins the Parkers fleet, an accomplished sound system is an important feature I look out for and luckily for me our test car comes equipped with the optional Bang & Olufsen sound system which is designed specifically for the Audi A5. 

It costs £535 to add and features 14 speakers and two amplifiers which belt out 505 watts of surround sound, and automatically adapts the sound characteristics to the vehicle’s speed and background noise.

While it sounds good on paper, we were keen to test out the sound system for ourselves to see how good the quality was on a variety of tracks.

My taste in music is eclectic - I like basically everything apart from rap - so my iPod is well stacked with a variety of tunes to play.

With my step-daughter and husband in tow and after a brief arguement over who could choose the first song, we set off on a 75-mile round trip.

We immediately discovered that the sound quality is excellent on a variety of different songs, whether it’s my husband’s cheesy 80s music, or my step-daughter's demand to listen to Ed Sheeran. We’re off to see him in concert in July, you see. It even delivered close to perfect quality with the volume on full, playing one of the Prodigy’s albums – not an easy feat!

Around town the quality is clear and on the motorway when you speed up the sound adapts to allow for the extra road and wind noise. It still delivers clear sound quality - no distortion can be heard at all. Impressive stuff.

And thanks to the car's compact interior, the sound travels well around the cabin, with those in the back able to hear tracks as well as those in the front thanks to the additional speakers. Though my step-daughter did put her headphones on when her Dad started playing Rick Astley.

If rear passengers fancy a bit of piece and quiet you can easily readjust the balance in the car via the centre console too.

The system is not a difficult one to navigate around thanks to the rotary dial. The menu allows you to adjust the bass and treble as well as the balance of the speakers.

If we were to give one criticism it would be that at full volume the doors and dashboard can vibrate quite loudly. To avoid this happening though all you would need to do is adjust the bass for the punchier tracks. 

There is a USB port available so you can play music from your MP3 player or you can stream the music from your phone via Bluetooth which is simple to set up. Let us also not forget about DAB digital radio either, and if you still own a CD somewhere there is a player for that too.

Mileage: 3,693

Fuel economy:  53mpg(calc)