Audi A8: Luxury travel

  • Car is festooned with luxury touches including digital TV
  • Premium travel aided by electrically adjustable and heated seats
  • Problem is the ideal way to travel is in the back not the front 

It is somewhat ironic that a lot of the time, the more luxurious a car, the more it pays to travel in the back.

As far as this version of the Audi A8 goes rear seat passengers get a better deal than those up front when it comes to first class travel.

The Audi A8's rear seats.

Luxury travel for two

The rear outer seats (not the middle one – that’s just space for the rear armrest to lie on) are electrically adjustable, each of the rear travellers can select their own ambient air temperature and they can warm themselves with the heated seats.

Privacy can be further ensured thanks to tinted rear windows and the the rear and side electric blinds that rise with a simple button pull.

Perhaps the only thing missing is a bell pull to summon the butler!

The Audi A8's in-car entertainment.

Entertainment and on-board refreshments

For long distance trips, the two rear passengers can amuse themselves with digital radio, music, digital TV and DVDs.

Ensuring the driver is not assaulted by a wave of sound, each passenger can use the Bluetooth headphones – so no tangling up lengths of lead.

Combined with the large screen attached to the rear of the front seats, it provides a very decent cinema-type experience. So good in fact, that my partner’s daughter, Paula, now refers to the Audi as the ‘TV car’.

What also secures her vote is the on-board fridge – ideal for securing small bottles of coca-cola and keeping Haribo, ham sandwiches and apple deliciously cool.

On a long trip up to Scotland I barely heard a squeak out of her as the comfy seat cossetted her to sleep for a couple of hours, the DVD player managed another couple while random flicking through the TV stations kept her busy for the remainder.

A constant supply of Mr Haribo’s finest all washed down with a vintage cru of Coke meant that Paula was convinced she had already made it as an A-list celebrity.

It has taken some time for her mother to convince her that this form of travel is not common for the vast majority of families.

Chauffeur driven

This is all just reminds me that being chauffeured around is just like being a kid – all the stress and strain of driving is handled by someone else while those in the back simply kick back and relax.

The extra trick the Audi A8 manages is that when you are done with relaxing, it can keep you entertained, watered and fed.

There is even a phone in the back to keep you in touch when on the move.

The only difficulty is finding someone to drive so I can sample the joys of Premier Travel in the back.

Miles: 3,234

MPG: 32.8

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