Audi A8: Travel for mini VIPs

  • Audi A8 continues to provide the VIP treatment in the rear
  • Limo-like experience prevents war breaking out between children
  • Black Audi lifts me to being the world’s most popular chaffuer

Stopping kids fighting is the bane of most families lives and it’s worst when it happens in a car. Some studies have pointed to squabbling kids being the most frequent form of distraction in the lead up to an accident.

So enter our Audi A8, the car that ends all feuding between kids - as tested by myself, my nephews, nieces and friends of my partner's daughter. 

Audi A8 rear seats

Best seats are in the back

Every other car I take home erupts into a battle for the front seats, but not so with the A8; the rumble is for one of the rear pair. And once you sit in there, you soon realise why. 

The first thing the kids see is the screens. Cue excited questioning: ‘Can we watch TV?’, ‘Does this play video games?’, and ‘Is it a cinema?’

But the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ really intensify when you take the young passengers through a tour of gizmo central.

Audi A8 rear pricvacy blinds

Heated seats and privacy blinds

The rear seats are heated and electrically-adjustable, plus buyers can specify a cooling option. Given how hot the black A8 got when left in the summer sun that would have been a welcome additio on our example. 

To help ward off the sun or prying eyes there are privacy blinds on top of the darkened side and rear windows – all electrically operated of course. Cue ten minutes of endless amusement for the small ones as screens whirl up and down.

Audi A8 rear seat entertainment controls

Passengers' multimedia entertainment

Keeping my mini VIPs entertained is the most important aspect of any car journey and this is where the multi-media system comes into its own. 

To prevent driver distraction rear passengers are armed with Bluetooth headsets for a seamless viewing experience. Keeping the headphones charged is via a cable (stored under the armrest) which plugs into a charge point just below the rear passengers’ air vents, so you’ll never run out of power - very useful for avoiding teenage strops or all-out crying.

There are two jack points for wired headphones if the passengers prefer their own set of speaker ear muffs.

Audi A8 TV


Digital TV, radio and DVD choice

Naturally, there is digital TV and DAB radio with access to the full range of digital channels as you would find at home, including Cbeebies.

For those wanting to choose their own viewing pleasure there is a DVD player plus two SD card slots so you can load a lot of screen entertainment without the need to reload every couple of hours.

Audi A8 flip up table for rear passengers


Kit for business travellers

Of course, not all rear seat occupants are under the age of 16. For those with a business bent, there is a high chance they will need to crack on with some work.

This is where the flip-up, walnut veneer tables mounted on the back of the front seats prove useful – think classic writing desk design. Sadly, raising the desk is a manual task - no prodding of a button gliding them into place.

Audi A8 mobile phone


Mobile phone in the back

Staying in touch on the move is very important too, so rear seat passengers get their own mobile. It’s not quite a mobile office but it isn’t far off it. I kept the phone hidden from my younger passengers otherwise I fully expected phone calls to be made to all and sundry.

Last, but spectacularly not least, there is the fridge, and it is a guaranteed hit with my youthful travellers. Okay, it is not huge but there is space for two bottles (champagne for the adult traveller) some sarnies and a couple of packets of Haribo.

Audi A8 fridge

Keeping the kids quiet

It’s the final ingredient to ensure that where my mini VIPs are concerned, they can happily luxuriate in the back with heated seats on, cinema on the go and chilled Pepsi just a hand reach a way. More importantly, I have never heard a single cross word uttered.

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Miles: 4,794

MPG: 33.1