Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The interior of the SQ5 is comfortable and upmarket, just as you’d hope given the price tag and Audi badge. For the most part, the materials used are all of a high quality and everything feels solidly assembled.

The steering column is adjustable for rise and reach, while a multitude of seat adjustments allows you to find a comfortable seating position with ease. All controls are all laid out in a sensible and easy to use fashion, while the majority of switchgear is pleasingly tactile and solid-feeling.

Overall visibility is generally good, with wide side mirrors improving rear visibility. Just in case you’d forgotten what you were sitting in, a smattering of SQ5 badges and trim details are dotted around the cabin.

The SQ5 model is further differentiated from the standard Q5 by minor tweaks that include a specially shaped steering wheel, an ‘S’ welcome screen for the on-board computer and grey instrumentation with white needles.

Considering that this is a performance-orientated version of the Q5, you may be pleased to hear that Audi SQ5 comfort levels are very good. The front seats are supportive and comfortable, holding you in place well even in fast corners. There’s lots of leg and head-room and you don’t feel hemmed in.

The rear seats are supportive and relaxing too and again, there’s a good amount space on offer – unless particularly tall people occupy the front seats as rear legroom can then be compromised.

The SQ5 can seat five adults in relative comfort but you’d probably be best sticking to a maximum of four people for longer trips.

Despite the Audi’s size and profile wind noise is surprisingly low, even at motorway speeds. Tyre noise is low too, remarkable considering the width of the tyres on which the SQ5 rolls.

With the engine idling there’s very little of the stereotypical diesel clatter which can intrude into the cabin. Accelerate hard and, again, there are no unpleasant rattles or harsh noises. The exhaust is tuned to deliver a deep muted roar which is particularly satisfying when you go to overtake another car, yet when you settle down to a steady cruise the SQ5 becomes quiet and refined.

As standard the car is fitted with Audi’s drive select dynamic handling. This allows you to pick from a variety of modes that adjust how the vehicle drives. In comfort mode, oddly, the ride isn’t pleasant. The SQ5 pitches and wallows over bumps, continually moving around as it tries to smooth out the road underneath.That’s not so good.

In dynamic mode, however, the ride is much improved. It’s well damped, taking crests and dips in its stride, and there’s very little body roll considering its size. As a result the SQ5 is best left in dynamic mode, which also has the benefit of improving the steering weight.

Overall, the Audi SQ5 is comfortable whether you’re driving across country at speed, or simply cruising along the motorway. It’s an effortless car to drive too, so long distance trips can be dispatched with ease and without excess fatigue.