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Audi TT Coupe interior, tech and comfort

1999 - 2006 (change model)
Comfort rating: 3 out of 53.0

Written by Mike Humble Published: 25 May 2022 Updated: 25 May 2022

Audi TT Mk1 used car buying guide
Audi TT Mk1 used car buying guide

The TT has one of the most stylish interiors around, with natty details such as aluminium air-vent surrounds and a smart metal panel to hide the head unit. The ergonomics are also nigh-on perfect, meaning anyone can get comfortable behind the wheel.

You sit low down, meaning visibility isn’t quite as good as it would be in a similarly sized hatchback. The view out of the back is also a bit restricted due to the sloping roofline, which can make parking a bit of a challenge. Kerbed alloy wheels are common as a result.


On paper, the Audi TT is a four-seater – but those rear seats are only really fit for kids in reality. The sharply tapered roof means rear headroom is non-existent. However, the front passengers are well looked after with comfortable and supportive seats.

The Sport model does away with the rear chairs altogether (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). The front seats are also replaced with figure-hugging buckets that hold you firmly in place, even when you’re testing the limits of your tyres in the corners.