Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

There are a few features that make the RS stand out from the standard TT, but it’s not particularly distinctive for what should be the most extreme model in the range. The neat instrument dials, sports seats and chunky steering wheel are the main differences, but while the seats are very supportive, the chunky steering wheel is almost too thick and not that enjoyable to hold.

Quality is excellent though and the finish is unsurpassed with a precise feel to all the switches and controls. The cabin is snug, but offers enough leg and head room for most. Visibility is good too, although the view out of the back is somewhat limited, especially in the roadster version when the roof is up.

The standard TT has a fairly firm ride and the RS comes with even stiffer suspension. As a result, it struggles to deal with rough or potholed roads and can feel very fidgety, however the optional magnetic ride includes a softer setting for comfort, which improves things somewhat. Aside from the enjoyable engine and exhaust sound, noise is kept to a minimum.

The roadster is especially impressive considering it uses a fabric roof. It’s refined with it up, yet drop it down and it’s comfortable even in colder weather thanks to a snug cabin and heated seats as standard. Other convertibles are quieter at motorway speeds though.