Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Visibility is poor out of the rear when the roof is up and the thick and angled front pillars don’t help forward visibility either. You could go for the surround-view cameras – which are placed on the front corners of the car. This is designed to help visibility on tight, angled junctions but we didn’t think it was a particularly effective system – just lean forward for a better view.

That said, the cabin is of a high quality with top-notch plastics and soft leather all over the place. It’s arranged in a very logical manner too with entertainment and air-con systems controlled by the BMW iDrive system (a dial on the centre console of the car). This de-clutters the dash and makes it easy to understand. The three-spoke multi-function steering is a welcome inclusion too.

Obviously BMW M6 Convertible comfort levels are best when you select the Comfort mode and put the steering on the lightest setting. This then, is an attempt to make the car all things to all buyers. In the softer suspension setting the car absorbs the bumps well but you do get more lean in the corners. It also has the benefit of not being so soft that it’ll bottom out on undulating roads.

Sport mode seems a little pointless because it doesn’t feel that much different from the Sport Plus mode, which stiffens everything up. Of course this makes the car’s ride a little firm, but not unbearable: only over really notchy roads does it get tiresome. There’s a good reason for the excellent levels of comfort in the M6 and it’s down to the heated leather seats that offer excellent back and side support.

They offer a range of adjustment that allows anyone to get a decent driving position within seconds. There’s also pneumatic lumbar adjustment and manually adjustable under-thigh support. Wind noise is practically non-existent when the roof is up and buffeting is pleasingly absent when the roof is down with the optional windbreaker. You do get quite a bit of road noise from the tyres but it would be criminal if you couldn’t hear the sound of the V8 coming into the cabin.