Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • High-end interior
  • HUD display
  • Contemporary version of iDrive

Step into the i8’s cabin and the only real new part is the convertible button to lower the roof, although there’s also an upgraded infotainment system compared with the outgoing Coupe.

It has a touchscreen this time around, though the iDrive infotainment system is still here and you can still doodle with your finger to input postcodes in a fraction of the time using the rotary controller on the centre console.

Technology aside, the i8’s interior is vast, low slung and sporty from the outset – but it doesn’t end up being uncomfortable. In fact, the i8 has one of the most agreeable seating positions of any GT or supercar.

  • Rigid suspension that can handle bumps
  • Leather interior and improved satnav
  • Supercar handling, GT car ride

The i8 Roadster isn’t geared for comfort, but it occupies an unusual space between a comfortable long-distance GT car and supercar, so it’s more comfortable than you’d expect. The interior features supportive seats that aren’t too firm, while the ride itself is also pleasant.

Despite its newfound poise, the Roadster maintains the surprising comfort of the Coupe on motorways. With Comfort mode on, and cruise control enabled, the i8 Roadster will happily chug through miles – and its stiff chassis doesn’t translate into a bumpy ride.

With the roof up, the i8 Roadster suffers from a small amount of wind noise, while things are unsurprisingly much louder with the roof down. BMW has included a rear window, though this doesn’t seem to make a huge different to the noise experienced in the cabin.

If it does get too chilly outside, the i8 Roadster’s heating system is more than enough to keep you warm, while heated passenger and drivers’ seats also compensate for the elements.