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Nissan Pure Drive

  • Nissan set to label its green models
  • Note and Micra to be included in Pure Drive range
  • Larger Qashqai will also be included

Written by Parkers Published: 2 October 2008 Updated: 1 February 2017

Nissan will make its greenest models stand out for buyers early next year with the launch of a new Pure Drive label.

The badge will be fitted to all Nissans that produce carbon dioxide at 140g/km or lower and will include versions of the Micra, revised Note, and certain Qashqai models.


The label follows the adoption of clearer branding for green models from other manufacturers, including Renault’s Eco2 range and Peugeot’s Blue Lion models.

Which models?

However, only diesel versions of the Micra and the latest version of the Note will fall below 120g/km, which only incurs a £35 annual road tax charge.

Other Pure Drive models will fall into band C with a current annual road tax charge of £120.

Nissan says it will introduce more models in future under the Pure Drive brand, including the new Pixo to be launched in late spring 2009, which will be the greenest car in the company’s line-up with CO2 emissions of 103g/km.