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The best toolboxes

  • Keep your tools organised and secure
  • The best toolboxes recommended
  • Many shapes and sizes available

Written by Chris Williams Published: 7 July 2022 Updated: 10 August 2023

Own any collection of tools and you’ll need somewhere to store them properly. Step forward, the robust and dependable toolbox.

There is plenty to dissect in terms of the right toolbox, but there’s nothing ground-breaking to say concerning the concept as a whole. They’re a secure place to store, transport, or organise your tools, ready for your car care and general DIY jobs. The end. If you use tools, you’ll enjoy the benefits a toolbox offers.

What we at Parkers wish to do is whittle down the best toolboxes from a range of subcategories, including budget toolboxes, tool bags, and modular toolbox systems. Anyone who’s attempted to buy a toolbox will be aware of the mountain of options available.

The best toolboxes

Editor's pick

Stanley is the apex toolbox brand, producing a range of excellent tool bags, organisers, and toolboxes. The Fatmax Waterproof Toolbox is our pick of not only the Stanley toolboxes but all toolboxes in the known universe.  

It’s all things to most tool users, being large enough to house a host of hand tools and even a couple of smaller power tools, such as a cordless drill. Yet, it stays within reasonable dimensions and remains portable.  

The Fatmax Waterproof Toolbox is also tough and secure, without going overboard. It’s IP53 rated, meaning it can keep moisture out if it starts raining, and has a very rugged, strong design. Also, the metal latches can be locked with a padlock. 


  • Good value
  • Water-resistant
  • ¾-lenth tote tray


  • Maybe overkill for some
<strong>Dimensions </strong> 71 x 30.8 x 28.5cm

Best value

While the Stanley Fatmax toolbox is fantastic, not everyone needs such a storage space for their tools. This creates room for a more basic and even more affordable toolbox, and this Sealey toolbox is the pick of the bunch here. 

It’s smaller than the Fatmax but still capacious enough for hand tools and a cordless drill. We like that the Sealey toolbox includes a tote tray and a pair of flip-lid organisers on top for bits and fasteners. It’s still lockable too.  Naturally, with a cheaper toolbox, the Sealey is a bit plasticky but for casual DIYers who are gentle with it, it’ll last the distance. 


  • Very affordable
  • Lockable
  • Tote tray included


  • Not the toughest toolbox
<strong>Dimensions </strong> 49 x 24 x 24cm

Best small toolbox

Price: $22.99
Alternative Retailers
There are really two awards this toolbox earns. One is for being compact, light, and portable. The other is for having the best name. Tool brands always endeavour to have the most macho names possible, but MaxPower is the champion. 

In an ironic twist, this toolbox isn’t that tough or macho. The MaxPower toolbox is an affordable, lightweight, and relatively compact toolbox ideal for DIYers who are going to be carting it around.  

It’s quite similar to the Sealey toolbox because it’s quite plasticky but is still lockable and features organisers on the lid. Inside, a tote tray is included. 


  • Great value
  • Compact
  • Tote tray included


  • A bit flimsy
<strong>Dimensions </strong> 36 x 16 x 18 cm

Best tool bag

Toolboxes, with their solid lids and compartments, are great for storing and transporting tools, but on-the-job accessibility is a little compromised. Tool bags address this issue by providing easier access: grab the tools you need from your garage and have them at hand in your tool bag. 

Stanley slides in again with a winner. Its Open Mouth Tool Bag is affordable, well designed, and tough. The base is solid plastic, which is far more abrasion-resistant than fabric, and the zipped compartment opens wide. However, there are also small pockets on the outside for pliers and such.  


  • Excellent accessibility
  • Durable
  • Portable


  • Toolboxes are more secure
<strong>Dimensions </strong> 44.7 x 27.5 x 23.5cm 

Best cantilever toolbox

Alternative Retailers
Cantilever toolboxes give you the best organisation for the contents. Open it up, and the cantilever trays slide out and bask in the beautifully arranged collection of tools.  

The cantilever barn toolbox from Draper is bulky and heavy, but in return, it’s very solid, secure, and spacious. Like a tool bag, it also provides great accessibility to all its contents. 


  • Spacious
  • Aesthetically pleasing barn style
  • Will last a lifetime


  • Not very portable
<strong>Dimensions </strong> 46 x 33.5 x 25.7cm

Best stackable toolbox system

So far spaciousness and portability have been mutually exclusive. However, modular, stackable toolbox systems provide both, although they are expensive. Of these systems, DeWalt’s ToughSystem is the best.  

Like the Stanley toolbox, the DeWalt ToughSystem boxes are made from structural foam with metal latches and hinges, but improve on the Stanley’s IP rating of IP53, increasing it to IP65. Each box can take a maximum load of 50 kilograms.  
In making the ToughSystem mobile, there is the DS Carrier. Load, stack, and lock the ToughSystem boxes onto this trolley and you can wheel them around very easily.  


  • Expandable modular system
  • Portable
  • Very robust


  • Big
<strong>Dimensions</strong> Varies depending on the boxes you choose. 

What you should look for in a toolbox

Budget is usually the biggest influential factor and consideration. But before you set a firm budget, first think about other features, such as:

• size – big enough for all your tools, and possibly with room to grow your selection
• ruggedness – a strong wall will make sure there are no cracks and bashes from accidental drops and knocks
• security – a pass-through for padlocks or attaching to a ground anchor, just in case you need to leave it anywhere

You want your toolbox to fulfil your specific demands and swallow your tools otherwise your investment ends up being a waste of time. If it means spending a little more upfront, that’s probably worthwhile if it results in a more suitable toolbox, and will be cheaper over the longer term too.

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