Parkers Awards 2020 - Medium Family Car of the Year Winner

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You're a growing family and that supermini or hatchback you're currently driving doesn't quite cut it when trying to squeeze in all your paraphernalia. Or you're heading regularly out on longer trips, and you need something more luxurious and refined. Either way, whichever version of our Medium Family Car Award winners take your fancy, be it the Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Rifter or Vauxhall Combo Life, all will take all you can throw at them without breaking a sweat.

2020 Medium Family Car of the Year 2020 - Berlingo
Medium Family Car of the Year 2020 - Combo Life
Medium Family Car of the Year 2020 - Rifter


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Where to start with this trio of exceptionally versatile of closely related family cars? Their main attraction is the brilliant use of space in what is (externally at least) a relatively compact car. This threesome wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, thanks to a vast interior and cargo bay, and the ability to get in and out with ease thanks to sliding rear doors. You can also get seven seats, and the boot floor is low to the ground, making it easier to load heavy items too. Not the most obvious or on-trend choice for this award, but certainly the most worthy.

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Runners up

Skoda Karoq family car


A flexible interior with the option to remove the individual rear seats at will, and a relaxing drive that'll iron out the creases of your furrowed brow, the Skoda Karoq takes the best bits from characterful Yeti and offers them up in a more of-the-moment bodystyle. Arguably some of the Yeti's individuality gets lost in translation, but from a practicality and ease of use point of view, the Karoq is peerless among medium SUVs. If you want most of what the PSA Group threesome offers without the associated van-like image, here is your next car.

Volvo V60 family car


The winner of last year's Large Family Car award is going for three gongs on the trot. While it retains everything we liked about it in 2019 – style, practicality and a serious roster of safety kit, it simply isn't as space efficient as the Berlingo/Rifter/Combo Life in a category that prioritises maximum cabin and bootspace for the smallest footprint. Value for money is a strong driver here too and while the V60 is very competitive against its premium rivals, it struggles to keep pace with the cheaper cars in this category. That said, it's still brilliant.