The full Parkers guide on everything you need to know about Autofinders.

1. Where do you source your cars?

All our cars are sourced from main franchised dealer partners in the UK. It could even be the one local to you?

2. How are you able to offer such sizeable discounts?

Because of our marketing and buying expertise, we can negotiate large discounts in the return promise of volume business for our franchised dealer partners. This gives the added benefit to the franchised dealers of helping to achieve their targets.

3. Can you specify options, and if you do, does that affect delivery time?

Yes, you can order any colour interior, exterior and any factory fitted options that are available to order from the brochure/website of the manufacturer concerned. These are the same cars from the same factory so it is exactly like you are buying a car from a franchised dealership.

4. What happens if a customer isn’t happy? Can they return the car and get their money back

5. Do you offer finance deals?

Yes, we are licensed credit brokers, totally independent, and deal with 12 different finance companies. We offer full facilities for business and personal users including contract hire and leasing, hire purchase, car loans, PCP schemes etc and offer the product that is right for you

6. What range of discounts do you offer? (£400-£5,000 for example)

Our discounts vary on each different make and model from £600 up to in excess of £11,000 (eleven thousand pounds!)

7. Do you have a premises people can visit?

We do, we have main road, high street premises which are open 6 days a week, no appointment is necessary and we have professional and dedicated staff to advise you and help you purchase the right car. We also always have cars here for your peace of mind.
8. Can people view the car and test it before they buy?

If you are looking for a used car, then yes, of course. For a new car this is more difficult, especially if you are ordering a specific vehicle. However, we don’t ask for final payment until you have received and inspected the car so in that aspect you can fully check the vehicle before you hand over your final payment

9. Do you offer part exchange?

We do- we sell new and used cars so will gladly accept part exchanges just like your normal main dealer would!

10. What’s the normal sequence of events when someone has seen a car they are interested in on your website?

You can either call us on our office number to discuss this with a personal account manager, or complete an on line enquiry form. We hold a current data protection certificate so all information is treated in the strictest of confidence.

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