Everything you need to know about the online car seller, Buyacar.

1. Where do you source your cars?
All our vehicles are sourced direct from UK franchised dealers and are not imports, so they come with the full 3 year manufacturers warranty.

2 How are you able to offer such sizeable discounts?
Our discounts are sizeable through dealing with many different supply routes that negotiate on volume, plus our overheads are lower than that of a franchise dealer as we operate through the internet and these savings can be passed on to the customer by operating on smaller margins.

3. Can you specify options, and if you do, does that affect delivery time?
Our site allows you to choose a variety of different cars and compare each model by technical, standard specification and available options. When a vehicle has been chosen you can build the vehicle with all available factory options.

4. What happens if a customer isn’t happy? Can they return the car and get their money back?
All vehicles sold through Buyacar come with a seven-working-day money-back guarantee which forms part of the long distance selling act. Further to this, if a customer is nervous they can take extended insurance by paying their initial deposit by credit card which insures them for the entire transaction regardless of how they pay the final balance.

5. Do you offer finance deals?
We offer finance from many of the top lenders and at very completive rates starting from 7.9% APR. We have an online finance calculator that offers an online application service.

  1. 6. What range of discounts do you offer?
    Depending on the vehicle chosen savings can range from £1,500 – £9,000

7. Do you have a premises people can visit?
We have premises in Chiswick, West London, where a customer can visit to order or collect their car order if required.

8. Can people view the car before they buy?
We don’t offer a view or test drive facility as we rarely carry physical stock, however if a customer is interested in a stock new or used car we can make arrangements for them to visit the dealer if required.

9. Do you offer part exchange?
We are one of the very few online companies that do offer a part exchange service as well as a car buying service. When a customer is choosing a new or nearly new dealer-approved vehicle they can add their part exchange together with a condition report and the system will automatically calculate a cost to change price.

10. What’s the normal sequence of events when someone has seen a car they are interested in on your website?
When a customer visits our site they will use our faceted car search to choose vehicle(s) that best suit their requirements and then compare these vehicles to make an informed decision. Once they have chosen they will then choose options and build their car to the required specification. They then have various options like online finance, part exchange service and sales messenger system whereby they can ask question directly to our sales team. When they have asked appropriate questions like availability etc, had their part exchange value confirmed and been approved on finance (assuming they require these services) they can either place an order online or request a call back by one of our sales team to run through the process over the phone. The vehicle order is then placed with our supplier and when the vehicle arrives into stock we invoice the customer and make arrangements for delivery to their address or collection from our premises if requested. If a part exchange is involved we collect the vehicle from them when we deliver the new car. 

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