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UK Car Discount

Written by Parkers Published: 27 December 2011 Updated: 27 December 2011

Parkers guide to online car broker, UK Car Discount.

1. Where do you source your cars?
All vehicles are sourced or ordered from UK main dealers. This ensures the customers get the full manufacturer’s warranty. We do not import any vehicles

2. How are you able to offer such sizeable discounts?
Volume sales with no stock outlay or massive overheads. We are office based no glass showroom or car pitch.

3. Can you specify options, and if you do, does that affect delivery time?
We can supply dealer stock vehicles in 3-5 days, manufacturer stock at 2-3 weeks, pipeline or factory orders to customer’s specification.

4. What happens if a customer isn’t happy? Can they return the car and get their money back?
Customers are covered by the distant selling regulations. So customer can return the vehicle within 7 days and get a full refund.

5. Do you offer finance deals?
Yes personal loan, HP, lease purchase all with no document or admin fees. Also personal and business contract hire.

6. What range of discounts do you offer?
Dependant on manufacturer but some offer more than 30% on volume vehicles such as Ford, Vauxhall and Renault. The likes of Audi, VW, Seat it is around 10%.

7. Do you have a premises people can visit?
Yes we have offices close to Manchester Airport for customer to visit or collect vehicles. However most of our customers do everything on line, we rarely see customers.

8. Can people view the car before they buy?
Yes they get the opportunity to view the car at their home address before they pay for it. Customers only pay for the vehicle once they are totally happy and have inspected the vehicle

9. Do you offer part exchange?
Yes we offer part exchange but the customer can also sell the vehicle themselves up to the day before delivery.

10. What’s the normal sequence of events when someone has seen a car they are interested in on your website?
They submit an enquiry or call our office, we check availability with the manufacturer then send a written quote by e mail with a delivery date. If they want to proceed they will call our office and pay a £500 deposit. The vehicle is delivered by the supplying dealer to the customers address free of charge. The driver does the hand over with the customer then leaves the vehicle with them. At this point the customer has only paid a deposit so they normally pay the balance by bank transfer on the day of delivery. If finance is used the balance is paid by the finance company direct into our account.

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