Audi A6 Avant: Buying guide

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The Audi A6 Avant is a formidable estate car.

It’s comfortable, refined, available with a wide range of options, and it’s faster and more efficient than previous generations.

As a result, it’s a very desirable car. If you’re thinking about buying one, however, the vast array of options may be a little confusing.

Picking the right car and options can be tricky. Choose the wrong equipment, engine, gearbox or trim levels and you could find that you lose more money through depreciation. You may also discover that your car is harder to sell, when the time comes.

To help make choosing your Audi A6 Avant a little easier, Parkers has come up with a buying guide that will aid you in picking the right options.

SE or S line trim?

There are only two trim level options for the A6 Avant – SE and S line.

SE specification cars come with a comprehensive array of equipment that includes dual-zone climate control, cruise control, leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity, light and rain sensors, tyre pressure monitoring, Audi’s Drive Select system, parking sensors, 17-inch alloys and sat-nav.

S line edition cars get much more purposeful body styling and S line detailing, larger 18-inch alloy wheels, sports suspension, electrically adjustable sports seats, upgraded lights and a dark cloth headlining. As you can probably tell, the majority of these changes are cosmetic.

The vast majority of optional extras, should you be looking to further increase the already comprehensive level of equipment, are available on either trim.

So, unless you particularly like the cosmetic appearance of the S line model, have no fear about choosing the SE specification model and then adding any options you want.

Further simplifying the decision is the fact that all the engines in the A6 Avant range are available in either SE or S line specification cars. That means you won’t have to pick the higher-specification S line model purely to allow access to the more powerful engines.

Petrol or diesel?

There are several engine options for the A6 Avant, but your choice will most likely be dictated by your annual mileage.

If you spend the majority of your time doing mixed driving, and will likely cover around 10,000 miles a year, then the 2.0-litre diesel is probably the most sensible choice. It’s a smooth, clean and refined engine which should average around 45 to 50mpg with ease.

Those who spend the majority of their time on the motorways are probably best considering one of the 3.0-litre TDI engines. They are slightly more flexible and refined, and don’t have to work so hard at motorway speeds. This means they can be capable of returning a higher average economy figure, as well as offering a more relaxing driving experience.

The top-specification 3.0-litre BiTDI quattro is an impressive engine, and makes the Audi ferociously quick. Much like the sole petrol choice, the supercharged 3.0-litre TFSI, it’s really only for those after maximum performance. They are more expensive to run, and have significantly higher emissions. On the plus side, despite the performance on offer, they are not overly heavy on fuel.

Manual, multitronic or S Tronic?

Both 2.0-litre and 3.0-litre TDI diesel models are available with a smooth six-speed manual gearbox, or Audi’s ‘multitronic’ continually-variable transmission. The multitronic CVT effectively operates as a conventional automatic, making for stress-free driving in busy traffic.

If you’re set on choosing the multitronic, it’s probably worth opting for the 3.0-litre TDI diesel engine over the 2.0-litre version. It has more pulling power and, as a result, is a more rewarding and relaxing match to the multitronic gearbox. That particular gearbox does command a premium but if you’re going to be covering a lot of miles, or doing lots of city driving, it’s worth investing in.

The 3.0-litre TFSI petrol comes with an excellent rapid-shifting dual-clutch seven-speed S tronic, while the 3.0-litre BiTDI diesel gets an equally impressive 8-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox.

Which options do I really need?

As the SE model comes with a considerable amount of equipment, there’s no great necessity to tick numerous boxes on the ever-tempting options list.

That doesn’t mean that you should avoid it entirely, however. If your chosen model doesn’t come with them as standard, you should specify the Driver’s Information System with seven-inch colour display, the Audi Music Interface for MP3 connectivity and functionality, “low” mobile telephone preparation and DAB digital radio. These add a few neat premium touches and also help future-proof the car.

When it comes to selling your car, many buyers will make a beeline for cars fitted with the above as they will be much more desirable and in line with what people expect from a premium estate.

If you can afford to, it’s also worth specifying the lighting package. This adds a variety of courtesy lights, both internally and externally, that help make the car feel and look a lot more upmarket. It’s a relatively inexpensive option, and also makes the A6 that little easier to live with.

The Audi A6 Avant is further available with an extensive range of interior and exterior options, but these will be dictated by your personal preferences and any particular requirements. For example, you may want a through-loading facility for carrying skis.

If your budget can stretch to it, you may also want to consider specifying the panoramic glass sunroof. This makes the interior of the car much brighter, which will appeal to many buyers. It’s particularly useful if you’re considering darker interior trims, which can make the cabin quite gloomy.

It’s important to remember to try and keep tabs on the net cost of your options. With many costing more than £1,000, it’s not difficult to let the price spiral out of control or out of budget.

What about these packages?

There are three primary packages available for the A6 Avant – the Technology package, the Technology package advanced and the Comfort package.

Each carries a hefty price tag, and they are difficult to recommend unless you are particularly keen on loading your A6 with the most modern technology.

You’re probably better off picking out the key features that may interest you and specifying them individually. Just keep an eye on which options you’re choosing, in case it proves cheaper to buy them together in a pack instead of separately.

Do I need to look out for anything else?

Audi’s extensive range of interior and exterior options means that customers can come up with a variety of colour schemes and trim combinations. Make sure that the colours, fabrics and dash insets that you pick complement each other, and don’t go for anything overly garish. That will, at a later date, make your car less desirable.

Be wary about specifying larger 19-inch and 20-inch wheels as well. They are much more prone to damage from kerbing, and can also cause the car’s ride to become overly firm and uncomfortable.

The ideal combination?

An Audi A6 Avant SE with a 3.0-litre TDI diesel engine and a multitronic gearbox, the optional Driver’s Information System with seven-inch colour display, the Audi Music Interface for MP3 connectivity and functionality, the additional lighting package, “low” mobile telephone preparation and DAB digital radio.

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