Our four favourite facts about the Audi A4

  • A quartet of factoids about Audi's latest executive
  • Find out which bits we rate most highly
  • We sniff out our spec secrets to help your decision

When we tested the 2015 Audi A4 Saloon in Italy in September, and again in the UK this week, we came away very impressed. It’s got one of the most comfortable, tech-laden and well-built cabins around along with a suite of efficient engines bound to appeal to a broad swathe of the nation’s drivers.

As with all modern cars, there are countless features on offer but in this article we’re going to run through a few of our favourites.

Intelligent 2015 Audi A4 can almost drive itself

Pick an automatic A4 Saloon and you can have a very clever little feature called ‘Predictive Efficiency Assistant’. This clever tech uses the sat-nav system to predict what’s likely to be asked of the car in the coming miles, and warns the driver accordingly. For example, when you’re approaching a junction the car may advise you to lift off the throttle. Audi claims this could save up to 10 percent of fuel, so it’s definitely worth having.

Another intelligent feature is the adaptive cruise control. While we’re familiar with the idea of the car matching the speed of the vehicle in front up to a driver-set level, the new Audi A4 Saloon takes this a number of steps further. It’ll steer you back into your lane automatically if the car senses you’re drifting without intending to but at under 38mph the car’s Traffic Jam Assist function will actually take care of the whole lot – it’ll actually drive for you in traffic jams. It does this by using sensors to take into account a huge number of parameters around the car including traffic and even road markings.

Impressive infotainment in 2015 Audi A4

It’s no secret that Audi expects buyers to pile on the optional extras, but there’s never been a better time to do so because some of the kit on offer is very impressive indeed.

Top of the list is something that Audi claims is more important to its buyers than either ride or handling: connectivity and infotainment. If you tick the box marked ‘MMI Navigation Plus’ you’ll get a larger 8.3-inch screen along with a fingertip responsive rotary touchpad to control the car’s sat-nav, multimedia and telephony.

Picking Audi Phone Box will net you a few neat features too, including the option to pair two smartphones via Bluetooth at once – ideal for business users with two mobiles. It’ll also offer wireless charging for smartphones, which is a technology slowly making its way into the mainstream. Currently you’ll need a Qi-enabled handset, but most phones have additional cases which can enable the same functionality. Simply place your mobile in the box and it’ll charge. The A4 will then make use of the car’s ariel too, which improves mobile reception.

Three great diesel engines including an efficient Audi Ultra

There’s a trio of diesel engines available initially, with a 2-litre Ultra diesel offering the most favourable running costs when mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, with fuel economy of a claimed 74.3mpg and tax-busting CO2 emissions of 99g/km. It makes 148bhp and drives brilliantly, but if that isn’t enough, you can pick a 188bhp version of the same engine with a seven-speed automatic gearbox, which predictably costs a little more in tax and at the fuel pumps.

Power aficionados will be interested in the 3-litre V6, though, and Audi has gone to great lengths to ensure this engine isn’t unrealistic in terms of running costs either. Depending on wheel size, up to 57.6mpg is possible if you go by Audi’s claimed figures. With CO2 emissions down to 129g/km, tax won’t be too expensive either. 

A 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol is set to join the range soon too, using cylinder-on-demand technology to promise low fuel costs.

New A4 is packed with standard kit

Even at the lowest SE specification, the 2015 Audi A4 Saloon gets lots of equipment. For instance, you’ll get xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, 17-inch alloys, three-zone climate control, parking sensors, keyless ignition and cruise control.

You’ll also get Audi’s MMI radio and smartphone interface, which is controlled by the MMI rotary selector, with its information displayed both on the dash and the standard seven-inch screen.

Audi’s Drive Select is also thrown in, which allows the driver to tweak various parameters of the car between Comfort, Dynamic, Efficiency, Auto (car decides for itself) and Individual – which allows the driver to set their own parameters. Systems which can be changed include the steering weighting, adaptive cruise control, air conditioning, throttle response, variable cornering lights, adaptive suspension (where fitted) and even the stop/start system.

Audi A4 spec secrets

  • Avoid standard SE suspension if you can – we found this very bumpy. Optional adaptive suspension is £900 well spent. 
  • Even if you can’t get your mobile charging wirelessly, the Audi Phone Box makes a lot of sense if only for its double Bluetooth connection.
  • The 1.4 TFSI petrol engine we’re expecting soon should offer low running costs and a quiet, refined drive.
  • With the £200 optional acoustic glazing the new A4 is quieter than the firm’s super-luxurious A8 saloon
  • We’re driving the 2015 Audi A4 Avant estate this week in France. Keep an eye out for the full review.