How to part-own a new Nissan Micra for £77 a month

  • Nissan trials new ownership club
  • Split the cost of a Micra with friends (or strangers)
  • Pilot in Paris now, London likely next test

Nissan is pioneering a new car-sharing scheme with a difference to encourage take-up of its new Micra supermini among those who might not otherwise own a vehicle.

The new Nissan Intelligent Get & Go club is being tested in Paris and will let small groups take part-ownership of a Micra for as little as €89 (£77) a month.

It’s at the trial stage and is likely to be rolled out across other European cities, including London, senior Nissan executives have told Parkers.

How does Nissan Intelligent Get & Go work?

The scheme is aimed at city dwellers who believe they don’t need a car, but would like access to one. 

It’s a sad truth that cars spend the majority of the time parked up unused; the scheme is an attempt to manage their usage better by renting out dormant cars.

Nissan is pooling groups of two, three, four or five prospective owners together, profile-matching geographic locations, commuting patterns and lifestyle choices to arrange clusters of complementary users.

Group deal that works for you

So if you want to use a car mostly at weekends and not in the week, you’ll be paired with a Monday-Friday commuter. 

To use your car, simply log in to the smartphone app, reserve your time slot and your mobile will unlock the car. 

Early booking is recommended. However, it can’t guarantee to solve any clashes where multiple users want to book the same time slot. 

What Nissan Intelligent Get & Go costs

The Paris trial, which has recruited 50 testers to share a fleet of Micras from March 2017, will charge a monthly membership fee. 

The more people in your group, the cheaper the rate. The maximum in one group is currently five, each of whom will pay €89 (£77). 

If you have four members, your monthly subscription rises to €100 (£87), and so on.

The subscription fee includes rental, road tax, servicing and insurance. Fuel bills are billed by individual usage, measured by telematics on board the Micra.

‘We are piloting this in Paris, but it will extended to other countries if successful,’ said Laurent Lamotte, Nissan’s marketing manager. 

‘London is being considered next – like Paris, it has a digitally minded population, good public transport and young people used to flat-sharing. This is our target audience for Nissan Intelligent Get & Go.’