Short-term car lease: is it worth it?

  • Fills a gap if you only need a car for short period of time
  • More expensive than other types of finance long-term
  • Alternatives readily available

At a time when more than 90% of new cars on the roads get there via some kind of finance agreement, short-term car leasing can enable drivers to get a brand new car, while also giving them the chance to chop and change their cars with a regularity that's hard to beat.

It's also useful if you only need a car for a short amount of time, that's just a bit longer than what you'd want to rent a car for..

But what is leasing? Leasing essentially works like a long-term car rental. Except, you don't pay a deposit. You pay an initial payment (that you don't get back), then you pay your monthly payments. At the end, you hand your car back.

Short-term car leasing is generally anything from three-months to 24-months. Car leasing contracts that are 90 days or less, technically, don't require a credit check. But you'll struggle to find a lease deal for a shorter period of time.

24 months is generally the lowest number of months most big car-leasing firms will offer. Why? The shorter your contract, the higher your monthly payments. Anything less than 24-months and the monthly payments can look extortionate.


Cheapest short term car lease

Red Fiat 500 front

Generally, the cheapest short term car leases start from around £200-£300 per month.

There are two different perspectives when looking at cost - cost per month and overall cost.

The cheapest monthly figures are generally offered on longer-term leasing deals (48-month contracts typically) with low mileage agreements (6,000-8,000 miles a year) and fairly large initial payments.

On shorter term contracts, the monthly figures are inflated compared with long-term contracts. For instance, we've seen figures for Volkswagen Polos on three-month short-term contracts for around £350 per month. Mileage limits are generally higher, around 2,000 a month, and if you spec it for three months or less, generally an initial payment isn't required.

Figures below show that while a very short-term lease, like three months, is very flexible, it is a lot more expensive in the long run compared with a long term leasing.

Typical three month Fiat 500 deal

Monthly cost: £312 (3 payments, incl. VAT)
Initial payment: £0
Total amount payable by customer to lease car and return (excluding excess mileage charges and any end of contract charges): £936
Mileage allowance: 1,000 miles per month
Cost per year: £3,744

Typical 48 month Fiat 500 deal

Monthly cost: £100 (47 payments, incl. VAT)
Initial payment: £1,000 (plus £199 processing fee)
Total amount payable by customer to lease car and return (excluding excess mileage charges and any end of contract charges): £5,899
Mileage allowance: 8,000 miles per year
Cost per year: £1,474.75

Should you choose a short term car lease?

You should opt for a short-term lease if you need a car for a short period of time, and you know you'll use it a lot during that short period.

If you need a car for longer than say three months, longer-term leasing deals are better value for money. If you're not bothered about changing cars every few months or years, PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) or HP (Hire Purchase) are forms of car finance you should also consider.


Short term car lease alternatives

Renting a car

>> Of course, while renting a car is not the cheapest way of driving, it's worthwhile considering, especially if it's for a month or less.

>> Most car hire companies will let you rent for a few months, and some will even let you rent a car for a year. If you really only need a car for a month or two, it's worthwhile checking out rental car prices, as they can work out cheaper than leasing.

>> It also prevents you from entering a potentially complex financial agreement with a leasing company.

Car clubs

>> One important question to ask yourself about short-term rental. Do you need a car EVERY day for a period of time? If you think you need a car for, say, three months, and out of that, you only use it two times a week, then car clubs like Zipcar and DriveNow can be helpful. Cars can be rented hourly, too, with prices starting from as little as £5 per hour.

>> Car clubs usually get you access to electric cars too, which are generally more expensive to lease than petrol ones.

>> Word of warning though, some car clubs charge an annual membership, and they are mostly prevalent in built up cities.

Buying a cheap car

>> Leasing is not the most cost effective way of driving a car. Essentially after you've paid off all of your payments, you hand the keys back and have to start again.

>> One way to save money is to simply spend the money you would have on payments on a cheap used car. Sure, you have to pay VED (Vehicle Excise Duty), and it won't be quite as nice as something you'd get on a lease, but if you really are only keeping it for a few months, you might just get that money back.


Short term car lease pros

>> Simple to understand
>> Easy to switch cars

Short term car lease cons

>> Can be an expensive way to have a car for a short period of time
>> As with any financial agreements, credit rating can be affected if you don't keep up payments

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