60mph speed limit for four UK motorways

  • M6, M1 M5, M602 affected
  • On trial for at least a year
  • No exemptions

60mph speed limit for four UK motorways

Four motorways in England are set to trial lower speed limits in an attempt to reduce emissions.

The M6, M1, M5, and M602 will be reduced from 70mph to 60mph in specific areas before October because the levels of nitrogen dioxide have gone past recommended levels, according to Highways England.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a harmful pollutant linked to respiratory illnesses, while the trials will last for at least 12 months.

Specific stretches of motorway

M6 – junctions 6 to 7 near Witton
M1 – junctions 33 to 34 by Rotheram
M5 – junctions 1 to 2 near Oldbury
M602 – junctions 1 to 3 by Eccles

What about electric cars?

Electric cars don’t produce nitrogen dioxide out of exhausts because electric cars don’t have exhausts.

But there are no exceptions to the new speed limits. These lower limits are for all drivers and will be enforced 24/7. New signage will be in place too.

What does this mean for me

On a small scale level, if you drive on the sections of roads affected, your journey may take longer.

On a much wider scale, if this trial is deemed successful, it may be expanded wider onto more motorways, affecting more people.

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