Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice: Are car service centres still open?

If you're looking to to get your car serviced Tier 1-Tier 4, garages will be remaining open, with no plans to close. 'We're following government guidelines and staying open, stay safe and look after our customers,' is the message from the industry right now.

The government has imposed tough social distancing policies, encouraging people stay at home unless working, exercising or shopping for essentials, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The country isn't in lockdown, but obviously there are some tough measures in place to try and slow the spead of the virus. Car use should now considered more thoroughly.

Closed Mercedes-Benz Showroom, March 25th 2020 - Coronavirus

If you're worried about essential repairs to your car, the position from the industry is that it's business as usual, but with additional safety measures. For now, the general advice is that car dealers are being forced to close and service centres remain open - we're updating this page as the situation clarifies.

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Can you service your car at home?

There's nothing prevent you from working on your car yourself, as long as you maintain social distancing if you're working on a driveway, and maintain sensible precautious for your own safety as well. Unless it's a quick maintenance job such as topping up fluids or replacing bulbs or wiper blades, it's inappropriate to work on the car on the road under current conditions..

You can order parts online, and some businesses may offer deliveries locally as they would to garages. Halfords offers basic service items online, as does Amazon, though you may find deliveries are delayed. Check your local motor factors for services close to you, but remember that non-essential travel isn't just a guideline - it's being enforced by police forces across the UK.