Electric car chargers to be installed in all new homes

  • Set to be introduced before 2022
  • Smart chargers only
  • A shot in the arm for electric car ownership

Electric car chargers will be installed in all new homes in England in order to address concerns surrounding the 2030 petrol/diesel ban and the inadequate EV charging infrastructure.

The new legislation is set to be introduced before 2022 and will require EV charging points to be installed in all new-build properties, not just homes.

Buildings such as offices will also have to adopt the legislation. This is good news for EV adopters who don't have the capacity for charging at home.

The news is somewhat inevitable, given battery electric cars account for roughly 10% of new car sales in the UK and plug-in hybrids make up around 7%. People were not going to be content with draping power cords out living room windows as a permanent solution to charging their vehicles at home.

A further requirement will be the need for them to be smart chargers. This will help smooth power use through overnight charging and will avoid overloading the power grid.

What about existing homes?

Adding an EV charger to your home is very straightforward and financially supported by the government. There are many charging points available from a number of suppliers.

You can get up to a 7.4kW fast charger on a standard domestic electricity supply, which is ideal for charging your EV overnight.

In regards to financial support, people can apply for the government's Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) grant that contributes up to £350 towards the installation of your home EV charge point.

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