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  • Cash vs part-exchange

    Buying a new car will probably be one of biggest purchases you make during your lifetime - possibly behind your family home and your childrens' university fees.   When looking to buy...

  • Dealing with outstanding finance

    Most buyers usually get worried when they see a car for sale with outstanding finance on it but if you take the correct steps to ensure everything is accounted for when buying a...

  • Used car values fall by 5%

    Used car prices dropped approximately 5% in June and further declines could be on the way. As the current financial and economic situation remains uncertain people have been putting off buying...

  • OFT acts against

    The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has found that provided misleading valuations to car sellers. The OFT's investigation, that ran from July 2009 to June 2010, found that nearly 96% of...

  • Best selling used cars revealed

    The Ford Fiesta has overtaken the Vauxhall Corsa to become the UK's best selling used car of 2010. Figures from Experian, the global information service, showed that 285,962 used Fiestas were sold last...

  • Time to downsize?

    We all want to save money these days, what with the cost of living continuing to climb and ever-increasing fuel prices. Considering that giving up your car isn't really an option for...

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Selling a car can be frought with risk. Will your car sell? Will you get a fair price for it? Will you be inundated with time-wasters?

Follow our hints and tips in our car selling advice, hints and tips to make sure you're following best practice when it's time to trade up to the next model.

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