Estates with no showroom tax

  • Five estate cars with no tax in first year
  • Each has fuel economy over 60mpg
  • Boot sizes and performance stats listed

Many people these days are looking for cars with low running costs, but what if you need some space too?

If you slot into that category it might be worth checking out our selection of load-luggers that cost absolutely nothing in road tax for the first year.

Since to qualify for free showroom tax in the first year the cars must have low CO2 emissions, it follows that their fuel economy will be good too.

Volkswagen Passat Estate BlueMotion Technology S

Why buy?

There isn’t much bad to say about the VW Passat Estate. Although its looks haven’t changed much in recent years it’s still one of the most capable and alluring estate cars out there. An excellent selection of efficient engines and a ride that puts far more expensive machinery to shame help this to be one of our favourite load-lugging machines.

Boot size (seats up/seats flat): 603/1,731 litres

Price: £21,385

Power/torque: 104bhp/250Nm

CO2 emissions: 116g/km

Fuel economy: 64.2mpg


BMW 3-Series Touring 318d M Sport

Why buy?

The undisputed drivers’ champion of this test, the 3-Series has fantastic steering and a balanced chassis which responds beautifully while remaining supple and compliant. In 318d M Sport guise you get a frugal engine coupled with a sporty trim level, meaning it’s as desirable as it is efficient.

Boot size (seats up/seats flat): 460/1,385 litres

Price: £29,890

Power/torque: 143bhp/320Nm

CO2 emissions: 120g/km

Fuel economy: 62.8mpg


Ford Mondeo Estate 1.6 TDCi ECO Edge

Why buy?

Ford’s Mondeo is widely regarded by those ‘in the know’ as a seriously capable cruiser. It’s comfortable yet engaging to drive and has a lot of equipment too. In estate form with the firm’s frugal 1.6-litre diesel engine it’s an offering you’d simply have to consider.

Boot size (seats up/seats flat): 537/1,728 litres

Price: £21,145

Power/torque: 114bhp/270Nm

CO2 emissions: 114g/km

Fuel economy: 65.7mpg


Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDIe (136ps) SE

Why buy?

Although relatively expensive compared to much of the competition, the A4 Avant is an extremely adept estate car. Smooth and refined diesel engines are a specialism of Audi’s, which the interior is a lovely place to be as well. Just watch out for that options list; ticking a few boxes can see the price shoot through the roof and bounce off the moon.

Boot size (seats up/seats flat): 490/1,430 litres

Price: £27,755

Power/torque: 134bhp/320Nm

CO2 emissions: 116g/km

Fuel economy: 64.2mpg


Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer ES 2.0 CDTi ecoFLEX stop/start

Why buy?

The Insignia has become somewhat of a fleet favourite thanks to its low CO2 and surplus of interior and load space. While perhaps not quite as refined a machine as the other cars in this test, the combination of low costs and excellent practicality mean many people are drawn to the big estate with the Griffin on the boot.

Boot size (seats up/seats flat): 540/1,530 litres

Price: £21,725

Power/torque: 128bhp/300Nm

CO2 emissions: 119g/km

Fuel economy: 62.8mpg