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Richard Kilpatrick

Richard Kilpatrick

Planning Manager,

Richard Kilpatrick is a writer, collector and automotive enthusiast fascinated by the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Working in tech journalism since 1992, Richard swapped from publishing photographic magazines and driving cars to writing for automotive titles and photographing cars. Richard's interests include consumer habits, design and the semiotics of brand identity and emotional attachment to products.

'Working with Parkers' eclectic team - and variety of cars to be tested - means life is never dull! I find all cars - and why people choose them - fascinating, having owned over 170 myself from 602cc 2CVs to massive American V8s'.

As well as contributing to new car reviews and advice, Richard curates the used cars section and writes the cars for sale and reviews newsletters you receive via email.

Occasionally swaps the QWERTY keyboard for a synthesizer one.