Fast, more luxurious SEATs to be rebadged as Cupras

  • New Cupra brand launches in 2018
  • Spun off from regular SEAT models
  • Like Abarth, reserved for premium cars

SEAT is introducing a new badge on the front of its fastest, most premium cars: Cupra. It’s a name previously reserved for high-performance derivatives of its hatchbacks, such as the quicker Ibizas and Leons.

After two decades of go-faster Cupras, the Spanish car maker has plucked up the courage to spin the name off into its own standalone brand.

Expect to see cars wearing the Cupra logo above in place of the familiar SEAT badge from later in 2018. It’s a move similar to the positioning of Abarth sports cars (which are Fiats dressed up with bodykits and performance packages) and DS French luxury models (Citroens with a dose of Parisian chic).

What is the new Cupra logo?

Designed to look like a super-hero badge, the new Cupra brand identity has an angular, energetic look to it. The company has not yet revealed which cars will be first to premiere the new logo but Parkers’ sister website CAR magazine understands it will be a tuned-up Ateca crossover.

The company said in a statement: ‘Cupra has always been the sportiest expression of SEAT. Now the time has come for it to gain its own soul, its own DNA, its own identity by becoming a new entity. All new Cupra vehicles will feature the new Cupra logo.’

In time, a whole range of Cupra models will be launched and you can expect SEAT dealerships to rebrand to reflect the move upmarket. The first rebranded model will be shown at the 2018 Geneva motor show in March.


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