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Citroën C2 (03-09) - rated 3 out of 5

As a replacement for the Citroen Saxo, the Citroen C2 had a lot to live up to, especially with the youth who favoured the former’s VTS and VTR models – plus the tempting deals offered by the French firm’s dealers.

Only available as a three-door model this supermini boasted some typically Citroen detailing and design. Inside the interior quality was a step-up from the Saxo’s, though still lagged behind some its more expensive rivals. It also struggled to match rivals for space, especially in the rear where legroom was rather tight and the boot space failed to break the 200-litre mark.

At launch there were five trim levels to choose from, with familiar L, LX, SX, Furio and VTR. In June 2008 the range was simplified to only include Vibe, Rhythm, VTR and VTS models – the latter offering a choice of diesel or petrol engines and sub ten second 0-62mph times.