Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The most striking feature of the C4 Picasso’s interior is the dual digital screen layout. The essential instruments are contained within a huge central 12-inch screen on top of the dashboard. On top trim versions the screen’s layout can be customised, with a series of alternative displays available.

Many of the car’s main functions – air-conditioning, sat-nav (if fitted) and Bluetooth are controlled via a seven-inch touchpad mounted lower down in the middle of the dash. A series of switches, also touch sensitive, surround the pad and act as shortcuts to functions.

As well as making the interior appear high-tech and modern, the thinking behind the touchscreen is that it reduces clutter but the busy layout on the two screens themselves and the large number of buttons on the steering wheel mean that it’s debatable whether this has been achieved.

Overall, the interior is styled with similar flair to the exterior and overall fit and finish feels very good. The angular dash is finished in contrasting colours on the higher trim variants, with an attractive textured finish. Lower-spec VTR models have a more demure black and grey colour scheme.

The large wrap-over windscreen lets plenty of light in and forward visibility is excellent too, aided by the split windscreen pillar design.

Citroen C4 Picasso comfort levels are one of the car’s strengths. The seats are comfortable, whether clad in the cloth upholstery of VTR-spec cars or the half leather finish of Exclusive models.

Rear passengers are well catered for with three individual seats, all of which can be slid forwards and backwards to aid knee room, rather than a fixed bench. There’s plenty of headroom for tall passengers and you’ll fit three adults alongside each other without too much discomfort.

Reconfigured suspension means less body-roll and the ride quality is very good. Both road and wind noise are impressively well contained, too – the Picasso is a very quiet machine at motorway speeds.