Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

For once things are a bit of a surprise in this department. The interior design of the DS5 is unique to this model. Whereas the DS3 and DS4 borrowed aspects from the C3 and C4 respectively, this car is the only model in the range that will get this interior look. It’s well finished and has a more premium feel than any Citroen model has had before. All the switches are well laid-out and easy to use, although the stereo controls are a little awkward.

The head-up display works well and shows the sat nav instructions, as well as the speed you’re driving, clearly. This can also be tilted using the switches above the drivers head so even taller drivers should be able to read it fine. Visibility in the front is good, aided by the glass A-pillars to make things easier at junctions, but the rear view is a little awkward.

Not only is the back window rather small there is also a bar set in the middle of the panel which cuts across the driver’s view, much like the C4 Coupe model from 2004 and the previous-generation Honda Civic.

Citroen DS5 comfort levels are fairly high. Not only do the front seats look good, they also offer excellent comfort. Side support is good and keeps you in place when cornering and there’s plenty of lower back support to make longer journeys more pleasurable. However, while those in front will get to travel in comfort, passengers in the rear will find things a little cramped.

Even with a shorter driver, those in the back won’t be able to stretch out. Taller passengers will have even more problems and find their legs pushed up tight against the seat in front. At the same time headroom is limited too. This is all down to the increased amount of boot space on offer. The manufacturer claims there is enough room for five adults in this car, but the middle seat in the back is rather small and best reserved for smaller children.

Get up to motorway speeds and the DS5 is quiet and refined, with just a little engine and road noise audible and hardly any wind noise. In fact the only time the engine noise becomes noticeable is when you really put your foot down when overtaking.