Connected company cars: Jaguar's smarter E-Pace

  • Jaguar E-Pace gets smarter and cleaner for 2018
  • Personalised experience linked to key fob
  • Connect Pro services automate appointments and routines

The Jaguar E-Pace has been revised for 2018, and alongside new engines and adaptive suspension there’s a clue that affordable science fiction is, finally, coming true for the British marque – as the car can learn your habits.

2018 Jaguar E-Pace

With the latest connected infotainment system, the I-Pace and E-Pace can now predictively tailor the temperature, music and seat positions to the driver, and respond to traffic conditions on regular commute routes.

Jaguar Smart Settings – comfort and convenience automated

Initially launched in the I-Pace, nothing in Jaguar’s technology is inherently new; cars that tie seat positions and climate preferences to a keyfob have been around for decades, and regardless of smartphone platform you’ve probably noticed helpful notifications from navigation apps that pre-empt your habits.

Waze even goes so far as to warn you well in advance of holdups and delays on your regular routes and commutes. Forget the data-sharing implications of this (and what associated third-party firms thus know about you) and it’s genius, the true definition of the digital assistant meeting the role of a skilled valet or PA.

Smart Settings explained - Jaguar's digital assistant

Where Jaguar has gone further is to integrate all of these features into one user-friendly interface. Carrying your keyless fob with a linked account is all that is necessary to have the car learn your preferences for temperature and music. Commute routes are also learned and an estimated time of arrival (ETA) provided, taking into account historic and live traffic information.

Other preferences have been possible on previous Jaguar systems, albeit without such tight integration – including forward route planning with destination ETA, overhead 360-degree satellite images for accurate location on arrival, and remote control of the car’s alarm and pre-heating of climate control via InControl apps – which we have tested on our long-term Range Rover Evoque.

Jaguar Connect Pro for a smarter big cat – £445 or £1060, depending on base specification

Jaguar Navigation Pro with Connect Pro

If your chosen E-Pace already comes with Navigation Pro, the cost of upgrading to Connect Pro with SmartSettings is £445; this rises to £1060 if you need to add the navigation package to a base-specification car. You do get more than just navigation that way though, as it includes traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control with queue assist as well.

A cleaner, faster petrol E-Pace

Alongside the enhanced infotainment packages, Jaguar has introduced two new technologies to its smallest SUV. The first, Adaptive Dynamics, is only available on higher end models with at least 250hp petrol or 240hp diesel power; it offers adaptive suspension and drive modes for sport or comfort.

The second is a mid-range petrol option – P200 AWD automatic – providing a balance between power and economy for those who wish to avoid diesel. The 200hp Ingenium engine starts at £33,260, and features the latest particulate filters for lower CO2 and emissions overall.

Despite the lower performance, there’s a 0-62mph time of 7.7 seconds and combined economy of 34.4mpg; emissions of 186g/km match the more powerful P250 AWD, placing the 200hp petrol E-Pace in the highest BIK band of 37% – but with a £2,005 list price saving.