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Cupra Ateca: Welcome

  • Parkers runs a Cupra Ateca
  • Super SUV with 300hp and AWD
  • Rivals include Skoda Kodiaq vRS

Update 1: Welcome - an introduction to Cupra

Hello there, my name is Paul Wallace, known online primarily as ‘SupercarsofLondon’ and for the last 20 minutes or so, I’ve struggled to come up with an appropriate introduction. So hello will have to do!

Over the next six months, I have been tasked with sharing my living experiences with the all new Cupra Ateca, both on YouTube and right here. So however you enjoy learning new information about the latest and greatest coming out from the automotive world, I hope you find enjoyment through the journey I have ahead of me. If you’ve ever wanted a head-to-head between a Lamborghini Urus and a Cupra Ateca...bookmark this page now.

Cupra, as a standalone manufacturer - a sporty spinoff from SEAT - launched on February 22, 2018 with its version of the Ateca. Armed with a new logo and a determined team of performance specialists, Cupra has spent the last 12 months building the foundations for what promises to be an exciting Spanish performance and luxury car manufacturer. On its first anniversary, Cupra has unveiled its first images of the Formentor, which proves these guys mean business. But let’s move onto the Cupra Ateca which has joined my small fleet down in Hertfordshire. 

I’ll be totally honest, no matter how loud the Spaniards shouted from Cupra HQ, I was totally unaware of their existence until January of this year, which given my interest in performance vehicles, is a little embarrassing. However, my first experience during my research process was a pleasant one. Visually, the Cupra logo pulled my heart strings. Aggressive, modern and a little bit wacky. The further I dug, the more I became intrigued. The Cupra Ateca is a very good looking car. A nice size, proportionally designed with all the right arches, exhaust pipes and grilles. This is a proper sporty small SUV.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, upon collection at Parkers Head Office, I was like an excitable little child eager to see the car, get a feel for its steering and grip levels. Two characteristics I’d been made aware of by the Parkers team. On first sight, I was over the moon with the specification, and as it stared at me, looking like it was going to rip my head off, I was convinced this is the sort of car I’d actually buy. A promising start!

My YouTube video, which runs through my first drive picks up from here, and you’ll get to see my initial first impressions on a crisp February morning, along with a unique ‘Cupra Experience’ in Andorra as I started to get a feel for the Ateca’s driving dynamics on the world’s highest permanent race circuit.

Stay tuned and bookmark this page for updates throughout the next few months. I’ll be going into detail on the Cupra as a performance machine, a daily driver. Pitting it against some strong competition and hopefully having the opportunity of pushing it to the limits on a wild roadtrip towards the Scottish Highlands. 

Whilst I entered this exciting journey with minimal knowledge of Cupra, my heart already starts to race every time I pick the keys up and walk outside. There’s something magic about this brand, and I can’t wait to discover more. Until next time, there’s a full Cupra Ateca review here, and you can watch my latest Cupra video here.