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Parkers overall rating: 3.3 out of 5 3.3
  • Sandero’s interior feels like a step back in time
  • Nevertheless it’s all well-assembled in there
  • Pity it looks so drab, though

If you’re a fan of acres of grey, hard plastics finished in a multitude of textures, then the Dacia Sandero is the small hatchback you’ve been yearning for.

Also, it’s probably about time you found out what class-leading superminis are like inside…

If you owned a Renault from the mid-2000s then the likelihood is that you’ll feel at home in the Sandero as much of the switchgear has been repurposed from Clios and Meganes of yore.

2017 Dacia Sandero dials

That includes the useful stereo controls on the steering column as well as the perplexing decision to have the cruise control switches in three separate locations.

The central dashboard plinth, with its circular air vents and multimedia screen (or a cubby if you go for an Access version) manages to resemble the face of some form of robotic 1970s Doctor Who villain.

Everything’s easy to use – it all just lacks any real sort of tactile or visual appeal, which is a shame.


  • Compliant ride and chunky tyres
  • Plenty of interior space, too
  • Shapeless seats spoil comfort

Considering how little the Dacia Sandero costs, and the money-saving that has been made to get it to make it so inexpensively, comfort levels are surprisingly good.

Sure, others in the segment are better – we’re looking at you in particular, Citroen C3 – but given how much room there is in the Sandero too, it’s an appealing package from a comfy perspective.

2017 Dacia Sandero interior

The seats are fine on journeys of a moderate length, but the front pair in particular could do with more side bolstering if you’re intending to regularly undertake longer drives.

They feel suitably thick of cushion, though, and while the rear bench is similarly flat, there’s decent room in the Dacia for four six-footers.

Air-conditioning – standard on mid-spec Essential models upwards – makes the interior much more bearable on hot days, as well as demisting the windows more effectively when winter approaches.