Parkers overall rating: 1.5 out of 5 1.5

The interior, although reasonably equipped, looks dated and is lacking in quality. Most of the controls are old-fashioned and fiddly to use, the plastics are rough while the finish leaves plenty to be desired. The high driving position does offer an excellent view of the road ahead, although the rearward view is somewhat restricted and there are blind spots.

It's also only available in left-hand drive, which makes overtaking and navigating tight lanes difficult.

The Ram makes a surprising case for itself as an alternative to a people carrier - it can seat six in reasonable comfort - although the central seats in the front and back only have lap belts. Plus. although headroom is good, rear legroom isn't as generous considering the Ram's large dimensions and everyone sits very upright. For most buyers, the V8's characterful rumble is part of Ram's appeal but it can get a little tiring on long journeys.

Standard cruise control and air conditioning make longer trips more bearable.