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Parkers Feedback FAQ's:
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Difficulties with Valuations:
We currently value cars from 2001(51) onwards to the most current 2021/71 plates including private plates and those issued in Northern Ireland.
If your plate is before 2001/51 then unfortunately, we will not have the data.

If you're having difficulties using the website then also include a detailed description of the problem.This will help us make sure you get the appropriate response as quickly as possible. If the problem is with a valuation of a specific car, please supply the full car details including registration number, mileage and any factory fitted options. The more information you give us - the quicker we can help you. Please note, we do not offer a telephone support service for valuation queries.

From time to time searching for a car using the VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) may fail. Users can do an alternative search by using the dropdown menus on the valuations page [link here] to search by Manufacturer, Range, Model and Derivative.

When purchasing a subscription, you must logon using the original email that you have registered with. Trying with other email addresses not known to us will cause the system to reject any logon attempt.

If the problem is with your computer or related equipment please contact the manufacturer or supplier for assistance. Some features on require your browser to have JavaScript enabled.

Due to the large number of emails we receive, we cannot supply bespoke prices and data via email.

You can contact the Parkers team by emailing us directly at

Parkers is IPSO regulated


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