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Contacting us by email and valuations support

Please read the following FAQ’s for user advice:

If you have a problem with a valuation of a specific car, please supply the full car details including registration number, mileage and any factory fitted options.

We prioritise replies to queries from customers using our custom subscription based valuation service.
Before contacting us, consider browsing the ‘Help and Advice‘ section below, or for Valuations there’s additional information on the ‘Valuations Q&A‘ page which both provide answers to the most common questions.

You can contact the Parkers team via our Helpdesk email at

Help and Advice

My search returned a ‘404 Error’ [Not Found]:
Errors such as a ‘404 Error‘ means that the car or registration number of the vehicle has not been found. There are a variety of reasons why this is, but the main reason is that you are trying to value a car before the start of the database. Parkers only values cars starting from September 2003 [2003/53 plate onwards]. Trying to search and value cars prior to this date will result in a ‘404’ error.

If your search is for a car after this date, then please contact the helpdesk at for a resolution.

How do I get a valuation for an older car manufactured before September 2003?
We currently value cars from and including 2003/53 plate [Sept 2003] onwards to the most current 2023/73 plates including private plates and those issued in Northern Ireland. The range of plates covered is mentioned on the valuations homepage to inform customers prior to purchasing a custom valuation. If your vehicle was registered before September 2003, then unfortunately we will not have the data.

I entered a number plate to get a valuation but it wasn’t recognised:
From time to time searching for a car valuation using the VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) may fail. If that happens, using the dropdown menus at instead will allow you to select the relevant Manufacturer, Range, Model and Derivative of the car you want a valuation on.

I have tried to adjust my car’s value for options but you don’t list the ones I have?
We only list the options which add value to a car’s second-hand price. Not all options fitted from new will increase a car’s value, though they may make it easier to sell.

Why are the prices in your guide different to those in the salesman’s trade book?
We’re coming from two different angles. Parkers Used Car Pricing is a tool to help you pay the right amount for a car. The prices listed are what you should pay AFTER negotiations – it’s not the ‘sticker’ price of the car. The guides that the salesmen use are designed to help them make a profit. There is no definitive value for a car, it’s only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. However, Parkers records the transaction prices of roughly 1.4 million car sales a year so you can trust that our price data can be relied on to help you avoid paying over the odds.

Do you have prices for vehicles other than cars?
We cover vans and light commercials from and including 2008/08 plate [March 2008] onwards currently to 2023/73.
To get a a valuation on your Van/LCV, visit our Vans section here

Can I get an historic price on my car – for instance; what was it worth back in 2018?
We have not offered historic valuations since 2010 as the uptake was very small.
No historic pricing data is retained by us.

I have submitted a car review but haven’t seen it on the website yet. What’s happening?
Thanks for submitting a car review. These are incredibly important and provide other users with some great insights. Sometimes due to large numbers being submitted there can be a short delay between us receiving and publishing your review. As long as it’s not libellous or offensive, we’ll add it.

Could you email me a valuation or can I call you to get one?
Sorry, we do not supply bespoke prices via email or phone.

Do Parkers still publish any of the older printed products and guides?
All print products ceased in November 2019, with the final edition of ‘Parkers Car Price Guide‘ produced and released in January 2020. We ended the production of ‘Parkers Car Chooser Magazine‘ in April/May 2006 and the much older ‘Parkers Plus‘ [valuations for older cars] ceased in 2000. Unfortunately, all back copies are long gone.

Can I contact Parkers directly about valuations?
We’re more than happy to assist with any questions you have regarding the valuation of your vehicle although we don’t offer a one-to-one telephone support service. Email our helpdesk at

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