Parkers overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 4.8

There aren’t many cars where sitting behind the wheel can feel like a special occasion in its own right, but Ferrari is one that manages it.

The first and most obvious thing that greets the driver is the steering wheel. The Italian company ensures that all the day-to-day controls are located on the steering wheel so you don’t have to take your hands off. You keep them on to enjoy driving the car.

So indicators are operated by push buttons located under your thumbs, and the windscreen wipers operate in a similar way with a single push/pull button.

The ‘manettino’ is a switch located on the bottom left and the driver can set the car into one of five different modes from ‘Wet’ through to ‘Race’ and even into a mode which switches off the electronic stability control. This mode is really for experienced drivers who wish to explore the car’s full performance in the confines of a race track.

The large red engine starter button is self-explanatory and adds to the occasion of firing up the engine.

The dash has a central rev counter with gear indicator, plus two digital displays to either side of the rev counter. The right-hand screen shows such functions as sat nav and media functions, while the left hand one reveals the car’s status for such things as oil and coolant temp and operating temperature of tyres, brakes and engine. It even warns you if these car parts are below optimum operating temperatures, are spot on or are overheating. It also provides the trip meters.

The controls for each screen sit underneath, either side of the steering wheel.

It doesn’t seem the first word to associate with a Ferrari with supercar performance but the Ferrari F12berlinetta comfort levels are high both in terms of passenger space and ride.

The Italian company re-worked the seats so that they weren’t so bulky to free up more space for the driver and passenger. The seats are supportive with plenty of side support and we found no aches or pains following a three hour trip. You’ll have to tick the options box to secure electrically powered adjustment and heating though, otherwise settle for manual adjustments.

The steering wheel can be move for reach and rake so it’s not difficult to find a driving position that suits you.

There is a suspension button on the steering wheel to soften the ride as desired.