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Frequently asked questions about the Ford Edge

  • What is the Ford Edge?
  • The Ford Edge was the US brand’s largest SUV in Europe. Immensely popular Stateside, Ford brought it to the UK as a rival for cars like the Kia Sorento, Volkswagen Touareg and Land Rover Discovery. It offered something a bit different to those cars, competing largely with seven-seaters but instead offering just five seats and a huge boot.

    It was certainly stylish, with brash looks that suited its huge frame well – and the comfortable bias to its chassis and suspension was a welcome break from manufacturers continually making their offerings sportier. With powerful diesel engines and plenty of standard equipment, the Edge was definitely a left-field luxury SUV. Unfortunately, the recipe didn’t prove particularly popular, and it was discontinued in 2019.
  • Which versions of the Ford Edge are available?
  • The Ford Edge is no longer available to buy new, as it was discontinued in the UK in 2019. Trim levels were all well-equipped, and hunting around on the used market you’ll find Titanium, ST-Line and plush Vignale models offered. A manual gearbox was offered but the vast majority of Edges were sold with a smooth six-speed automatic. All were diesel and all were pretty powerful, but the range lacked a true top-end performance variant.
  • Is the Ford Edge good to drive?
  • Yes and no. Ford has a history of making its ordinary cars very enjoyable to drive, so you’d expect the Edge to follow the same rulebook as its siblings like the Focus or S-Max. In some ways, it’s very good, with well-weighted and responsive steering. In others, it lags behind the pack, particularly in the wobbly response of its chassis and sluggish engine and gearbox. Comfort is definitely strong, though, and the Edge makes a great family bus – as long as you don’t need a third row of seats.
  • Should I buy a Ford Edge?
  • The Edge is a niche offering but if you’re content with its five-seat layout and less-than-engaging drive it could be a good option. It’s simple to own and operate, based on parts that have been well proven in a variety of Ford vehicles. It’s also very comfortable – particularly high-end Vignale models, which gain extra soundproofing to make for a more serene cabin. Consider a used VW Touareg or Skoda Kodiaq in competition.

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