Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8
  • Much of the interior shared with S-Max, Galaxy
  • Quality of materials is disappointingly patchy
  • Extra trimmings for the upmarket Vignale

Ford Edge infographic

In terms of cabin quality, the Ford Edge’s interior is a bit of a mixed bag. There are some nicely trimmed sections, such as the chrome finishes and fake carbon panels on the doors and dash, but the matt black centre console doesn’t share this upmarket feel. However, given the amount of car you get for the money, buyers can’t really quibble.

There’s even more of a contrast in the plush Vignale versions, where leather (both real and faux) panels are applied to all manner of surfaces. They feel good, in the main, but make the cheaper plastics all the more noticeable.

It is easy to use, though, and while the dash looks similar to that of the Ford Mondeo, it’s actually identical to the design employed in the S-Max and Galaxy MPVs.

Ford Edge dashboard

Much of the trip computer information is sited between the half-analogue, half-digital dials in front of the driver, which could be clearer. These can be a little confusing because the dials are smaller than is ideal.

Ford Edge infographic

Integrating digital displays in the middle of the speedometer and rev counter does reduce the size of the needles, too, making it harder to tell your speed at a glance than it should be.

Overall though, it’s a perfectly decent effort, if not at the level you’d find in something with a Volkswagen badge, for instance.

  • Comfortable, spacious interior
  • Ride quality a fly in the ointment
  • Effective Active Noise Control system

Ford Edge infographic

While the Ford Edge is a very big, comfortable car, with a great seating position for the driver, overall it is somewhat compromised by a ride quality that lacks a sufficiently finessed degree of compliancy. This is even more noticeable on the plushest Vignale versions fitted with larger 19-inch alloy wheels and lower-profile tyres.

Despite the high-set seat, it’s easy to reach the pedals and all-round visibility for the driver is good – you have a commanding view of the road ahead as well as fine peripheral vision.

Ford Edge infographic

Cars fitted with the optional Lux Pack, as well as the upmarking leather seats in the Vignale, have comfy yet supportive seats; plumping for an ST-Line with part-leather doesn’t feel like a downmarket environment either.

Ford Edge Vignale interior

The Active Noise Control systems and acoustic double-glazed side windows work superbly. Speakers transmit a noise at a frequency that cancels out the engine drone, while the glass has a thin laminated film between the two panes which does the same job with wind and road noise. When cruising, engine and road noise levels are low, with just a little wind audible created as air passes up the edge of the chunky windscreen pillars. The diesel engine could be a little more hushed when accelerating, though.