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Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The Fiesta’s dashboard looks cheaply styled and the plastic finishing is a touch clumsy, though it is pleasantly ergonomic, with everything within touching distance. Otherwise, the view of the road is adequate, the driver’s seat is fully height adjustable – although the steering wheel position cannot be changed – and there are no major blind spots to speak of.

The quality level is generally acceptable, as with most Fords, and you shouldn’t be too disappointed by the rather bland interior design.

The Mk 4’s ride quality was vastly improved over previous generations and interior noise levels have been dampened down too. However, as with most small cars of this age, there is limited headroom, while lengthy journeys can be a nightmare – especially for taller drivers or adult passengers in the rear. The seats are reasonably comfortable, although they can sag over time, making the interior look a little tatty and misshapen.

Overall, the comfort levels are bearable over short distances, but any longer than a couple of hours in the Fiesta are tedious and painful.