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Available new from: May 2015  -  September 2017

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Ford Mondeo Saloon (14 on)
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Power207 bhp
Top Speed145 mph
0-60 mph7.6 secs
Torque450 Nm, 332 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions130 g/km
Euro Emissions Standard6
Miles Per Tank763 miles


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Used price range£8,655 - £16,460
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Fuel consumption
Pre-2017 test standard Explanation
Official fuel economy tests explained
An improved official test for car fuel economy was introduced in September 2017.
The new WLTP test gives figures closer to a car's "true mpg" than the pre-2017 NEDC test, which tended to overstate mpg compared to what real-world drivers would get.
When looking at mpg for two cars, always check the figures were measured under the same test system. Comparing one car's WLTP figure with another's NEDC figure will not tell you which has the better mpg.
56 mpg
Insurance group33
Annual road tax £130 - £155 See all rates
Monthly company car tax cost (Basic Rate)£177 - £189
Monthly company car tax cost (Higher Rate)£354 - £378


Fuel Capacity62 litres
Turning Circle11m

Equipment list & trim options

Cabin & Luggage

Luggage Capacity541 litres
Unbraked Towing Weight750kg
Braked Towing Weight2000kg


Engine Size1997cc
Fuel TypeDiesel
Gearbox6 Speed Powershift
DrivetrainFront wheel drive