Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Lively high-revving VTEC engines are Honda's strong point, with greater output, efficiency and flexibility than most rivals. Accord's 1.8i, 2.0i and 2.2i units are exemplary. All are capable of 0-60 mph in ten seconds or less. The 1.8 is eager without being harsh, the 2.0i is the best-selling choice - especially with the refined auto 'box - and the 2.2 provides spirited fun.

Loses a point for no diesel option.

There is little roll and Accord always feels balanced and safe. But the gearbox comes in for some criticism - it’s not as smooth as most rivals - and the clutch feels sticky at times. The ride can be a bit crashy around town and on poor A and B roads, but it's fine for the rest of the time.