Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

If you’re buying a newer car, there’s just one choice: you’re looking at a 4.2 V8 with 300bhp. Alternatively, choose the XKR and the boys at Jaguar will strap a supercharger to it and you can have the full-on 400bhp – smooth and powerful. Automatic transmission is the only choice but that doesn’t slow it down and it suits the car. Used buyers get the option of a 4.0 V8 again with a supercharged R version, which was produced until 2002.

The body is slightly less rigid than that of the coupé, making it even more suited to cruising rather than out-and-out performance. It has a soft, supple, serene ride and a well controlled body. The steering can feel a bit remote, but it’s always controllable. Grip levels are high and handling is balanced. XKR model features computer controlled suspension for even greater composure.