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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Soft-touch materials on top of the dashboard are also found on the top section of door trim and the Cee’d’s dashboard is clear, with controls that are easy to use. The steering adjusts for height and reach and cars built after April 2007 also feature the indicator stalk on the left of the steering column instead of the right (which is a response to demand from UK owner’s).

Grab handles and the glove box opening have damped movements making the Cee’d feel as if it is finished to a much higher standard than its predecessors. One disappointing aspect is the cheap finish on the door control panel and the instrument binnacle – in bright sunshine it creates an annoying reflection. In late 2009 the interior was improved with upgraded materials giving the Ceed the look and feel of a more expensive car.

It has a sporty steering wheel while the central console is more stylish and the instrument dials have been redesigned too. Strangely, however, the indicator and wiper stalks now feel more old-fashioned than before.

The Cee’d is roomy enough for four adults (or five sitting quite close together) with plenty of rear leg room while headroom is also generous. All cars have air conditioning as standard (with an air-conditioned glove compartment) and electric windows at the front as well as height adjustment on the driver’s seat and lumbar support on both front seats.

The excellent ride makes it very comfortable for long distance journeys, although the seats could do with a little more support, especially in the lower back area.