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Kia Ranges

  • Kia Carens

    Kia Carens

    New price:
    £19,510 - £28,450
    Used price:
    £205 - £23,402
  • Kia Ceed

    Kia Ceed

    New price:
    £18,600 - £27,490
    Used price:
    £660 - £20,812
  • Kia Niro

    Kia Niro

    New price:
    £24,590 - £31,945
    Used price:
    £12,665 - £23,632
  • Kia Optima

    Kia Optima

    New price:
    £22,615 - £39,345
    Used price:
    £4,446 - £27,720
  • Kia Picanto

    Kia Picanto

    New price:
    £9,895 - £15,065
    Used price:
    £395 - £11,695
  • Kia Proceed

    Kia Proceed

    New price:
    £19,245 - £23,865
    Used price:
    £821 - £17,910
  • Kia Rio

    Kia Rio

    New price:
    £12,495 - £18,285
    Used price:
    £151 - £14,706
  • Kia Sorento

    Kia Sorento

    New price:
    £30,250 - £42,950
    Used price:
    £627 - £37,740
  • Kia Sportage

    Kia Sportage

    New price:
    £20,670 - £35,020
    Used price:
    £364 - £26,235
  • Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger

    New price:
    £32,475 - £40,575
    Used price:
    £21,320 - £34,540
  • Kia Stonic

    Kia Stonic

    New price:
    £16,815 - £21,475
    Used price:
    £10,947 - £17,175
  • Kia Venga

    Kia Venga

    New price:
    £15,630 - £19,535
    Used price:
    £1,966 - £16,243

Most popular Kia reviews

  • Kia Ceed Hatchback (2018 onwards) Review

    Kia's hatch is highly commendable, if not quite class best

    Parkers rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
    New price: £18,600 - £27,490
    • Well-equipped across range
    • Smart looks inside and out
    • Lots of space inside
    • Seven-year warranty
    • Enjoyable Ceed GT warm hatch
    • Small engine range from launch
    • Firmer ride than before
    • Lack of rear seat storage
    • Limited personalisation
    Read full review
  • Kia e-Niro SUV (2019 onwards) Review

    Game-changing SUV combines long EV range with family-friendly practicality

    Parkers rating: 4.6 out of 5 4.6
    New price: £36,495 - £36,495
    • Good to drive
    • Impressive spec list
    • A trim for everyone
    • Cheap to run and lease
    • Expensive on Kia's PCP finance
    • Sluggish automatic gearbox
    • Relatively small boot
    • Lacks rear headroom
    Read full review
  • Kia Niro SUV (2016 onwards) Review

    Compact SUV with hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure-electric power

    Parkers rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
    New price: £24,590 - £31,945
    • Spacious and practical
    • Highly impressive E-Niro
    • Quiet engine and smooth running
    • Excellent fuel economy on hybrid versions
    • Uninspired exterior design
    • Interior design lacks homogeny
    • Motorway performance lacklustre
    • Ride a little choppy
    Read full review
  • Kia Soul SUV (2019 onwards) Review

    Super cool crossover with improved performance and range

    Parkers rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5
    New price: £0 - £0
    • Great design inside and out
    • More power than before
    • Improved ride and handling
    • Realistically usable range
    • Likely to be one trim only
    • Slower and less practical than e-Niro
    • Some hard interior plastic
    • Not much storage for rear passengers
    Read full review
  • Kia Sportage (2016 onwards) Review

    Popular Sportage is packed with kit for the price

    Parkers rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
    New price: £20,670 - £35,020
    • Well-equipped across the range
    • Seven-year warranty
    • Spacious interior
    • Lots of engines and trims to choose from
    • Well-equipped across the range
    • Seven-year warranty
    • Spacious interior
    • Lots of engines and trims to choose from
    • Boot space not as good as in rivals
    • Competitors better on fuel and tax
    • Automatic gearbox can be ponderous
    • Top-spec models are pricey
    Read full review

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Kia is a relatively new brand to the British car-buying public, however that is changing as the brand hits new sales records in the UK. The Korean manufacturer had not really been on Brits’ radar until the 21st century when models such as the Picanto, Rio, Sorento and Sedona started to make an impact in the new car market.

It was its second generation cars that has started to mark the brand out as a builder of quality, well-designed mainstream cars not least with the Ceed hatchback and Ceed Sportswagon (estate). Two of its latest models to receive the full make over is the Kia Carens, a compact people carrier, and the Kia Sportage, a spacious off-roader.

One of the key features of its new cars is its seven-year warranty that helps provide reassurance for potential owners.

Kia has come a long way since it started out as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts in 1944. In 1951 it started building complete bicycles, then moved into motorcycle production in 1957, trucks in 1962 and eventually started making cars in 1974. It is now South Korea’s second largest car maker after Hyundai.