Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Two engines are available but the 2.7-litre petrol V6 is only available in the entry-level GS model and few people choose it. That's mainly due to its poor economy of 26mpg and the fact that the diesel engine is vastly superior in every department. The 2.9-litre CRDi engine has an almost identical bhp output, but far more pulling power. As a result it's much better to drive and doesn't need to be revved as hard when accelerating.

It's not perfect - at low revs there's a lack of power which can mean a 'lag' - not ideal when pulling out of junctions or onto roundabouts. On the motorway, at 70mph, the revs are higher than you'd expect too. There is an automatic gearbox available and although it's not quite as responsive as some autos (and slower from 0-62mph than the manual) it does offer smooth changes and a relaxed drive.

People carriers are rarely great to drive and the Sedona is no exception. It is however safe and comfortable while body roll is well controlled when cornering. Despite the size, it isn't as unwieldy as you'd expect and can happily hustle along back roads. In town the light steering and a surprisingly tight turning circle make tricky manoeuvres much easier while it doesn't pitch and dive excessively when braking.

Although the suspension is sometimes caught out by low-speed bumps, overall the ride is very good.