Freelander - owners' views

  • Owners rate the Freelander for its build quality and go-anywhere ability
  • Diesel engine and automatic gearbox praised for being smooth and powerful
  • Parking sensors seen as a must, occasional reliability issues but dealers good

For Freelander owners, their set of wheels is very much a baby Ranger Rover, with some even claiming the Freelander 2 has better build quality than a similar aged Range Rover Sport.

On the whole, Land Rover Freelander drivers are very happy with their 4×4 with over 85% awarding their cars four or more stars out of five for the ownership experience.

In fact, over 66% of them are happy to pin the full five stars on their Freelander 2s such is their enjoyment in being part of the Land Rover fraternity.

Mark Bradey says of his 2.2TD4 GS Freelander, ‘Great all round, easy on the motorways, light enough in town. Great driving position and feels safe and secure.’

Another owner reckoned the Freelander was the ‘best mid-sized 4×4 British built car’ while Karen Holden-Craufurd says of her 2.2 Td4 e HSE it’s ‘very safe, good acceleration, very good visibility’.

Karen also really rates the practicality of the Freelander. In answer to the question; What’s most practical about your car she says, ‘Everything. Drive, visibility, dog compartment, sunroof, heated seats and more.’

Roger Taylor also praises the driving experience saying it’s an ‘Excellent vehicle, does not wallow on the road like some Japanese 4x4s I have driven. The seating is probably the best I have found in 45 years of driving.’

The driving and practicality aspects of the Freelander clearly shine through as does the benefits of having a 4×4 drive system. One owner reckons the ‘four wheel drive system is brilliant – never got stuck ever in snow, mud, etc and I’ve given it some stick. It’s only ever had road tyres and been brilliant.’

It’s not all roses though with 14% of owners claiming Freelander ownership has been a poor one.

Margaret Page bought a 2.2 Td4 e XS to tow a caravan with but felt the fuel economy was poor and nowhere near what the claimed figures for it were. Margaret says ‘Not Eeonomical enough – nowhere near the brochure figures. Servicing very expensive. Stop/Start a waste of time!’

Some owners also reported various niggles or minor faults though many were sorted to their satisfaction thanks to some good customer care by the dealers. One owner wrote: ‘Had a gearbox failure – unclear what caused it. Dealer fixed it without fuss and it has been fine since. It has the occasional wobble with the sat nav rebooting or the fuel gauge misreading. Doesn’t bother me, just character!’

Richard Metheringham also rated his Land Rover dealer ‘I have had dealings with many dealerships and this was the best, great service, polite, professional and helpful.’

Given the Freelander 2 has been on sale now since 2006 with no major revisions and the majority of owners speak highly of their British-built 4x4s it shows that Land Rover has got its baby Range Rover just about right.

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Land Rover Freelander exterior

 Owners rank their Freelanders highly for quality and load lugging

Land Rover Freelander automatic gearbox

Auto praised for being smooth though one owner needed his replacing 

Land Rover Freelander diesel engine

 Owners highlight the diesel eigine’s strong performance and punch 

Land Rover Freelander in snow

Freelander owners feel their 4x4s are the best for tackling all conditions

Land Rover Freelander front seat electrical adjustment

Top end HSE owners rated their heated seats with memory function

Total mileage: 7,139 miles

Average mpg: 31.8mpg