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Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

Land Rover had managed to create a modern and sophisticated cabin that is in keeping with the Range Rovers robust image. All the switches and controls are chunky and precise while the substantial gear lever and solid metal finish add to the high-quality feel. It’s certainly unique and unlike any other make. It’s this premium feel which always makes you feel special from behind the wheel and helps justify the high price tag.

The driving position defines the old cliché of a ‘commanding view of the road’ while the great seats offer almost endless adjustment. A definite feelgood car to be in. Models from mid-2009 are even better and feature a sophisticated virtual instrument panel with the physical dials replaced by a full colour screen. The main switches and controls are also improved along with a revised steering wheel with a neater button layout.

The rear doors are a little narrow and – due to its height off the ground – it takes a bit of a jump to get in. But once aboard passengers will find the Range Rover wonderfully luxurious with limousine-like amounts of space. Thanks to the large expanse of glass it feels very airy too and choosing lighter coloured fabrics and trims helps this further.

Top models get thick pile carpets which add to the classy feel while the seats are sumptuously comfortable yet supportive for longer journeys. Revised models from mid-2009 have even higher quality materials inside adding to the sumptuous feel. The ride quality has been further improved too, meaning the Range Rover is even better on long distances with superb noise insulation, a cosseting interior and great seats.