Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

If you’re after some exciting sporty cues then prepare to be disappointed. Despite being the high performance version there’s little to differentiate between the IS F and the standard IS. Apart from some new silver trim on the centre console and doors it’s pretty much identical. Build quality is excellent though, as you’d expect on a Lexus and although the central control stack is a little button-heavy it’s straightforward to use plus the switches have a quality feel to them.

Compared to its German premium rivals it can feel a little dated though. Sat nav (complete with a reversing camera) comes as standard but frustratingly can only be programmed when the car is stationary.

You don’t buy a car like this if comfort is your priority and the ride is as firm as you’d expect – it doesn’t deal well with uneven surfaces or road imperfections. Thankfully the leather seats are comfortable and plush but they lack support and don’t hug you enough in corners while the driver’s chair is set too high, limiting headroom. It’s cramped in the back too and while the up-swept window line may make a pleasing visual effect on the outside, it makes the rear more claustrophobic.

The high-revving engine can also make for a frantic and tiring experience on demanding roads.