Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Typical high quality Lexus interior
  • Plush materials and excellent driving position
  • Lots going on; infotainment is a black mark  

2019 Lexus UX interior

The design of the UX’s interior matches that of the exterior. There are plenty of varied angles and design features, but we’re pleased to report it’s very high quality with an expensive feel. It’s also less daunting to operate than you might expect, although the media system is a source of frustration like it is in the brand’s other models.

Getting comfortable is very easy indeed thanks to a wide range of seat and steering wheel adjustment. You don’t sit especially high up like you’d expect of an SUV – there’s more of a hatchback feel to the UX. However, you feel hunkered down with the cabin swooping around you, and is a very pleasant place to be.

Whether it’s the seats, the door panels or the top of the dash, the materials used are high quality for the most part, even if there are various different materials and textures used.

Our biggest issue with the interior of the UX – at least in the front – is the media system. The large screen is bright and easy to view as it’s set on top of the dashboard, but the way in which it’s operated is via a frustratingly dim-witted touchpad located on the centre console. It requires greater precision than a rotary controller or touchscreen, and can be quite distracting. The system itself just looks a little dated, too.

Is it comfortable?

  • Seats on all UX models are excellent
  • Ride is impressive on all models…
  • Even more so with Adaptive Variable Suspension

2019 Lexus UX F Sport seats

The UX may well look like a sharp, sporty off-roader, but the good news is that it doesn’t ride like one. Lexuses are famed for relaxed, comfortable drives – while remaining balanced and composed – and the UX is very much the same.

Refinement is excellent which means long journeys are easy and chilled for all, while the seats on all models are excellent. Both supportive in all the right places and very comfortable (with plenty of adjustment) it’s a doddle to get comfy and stay comfy.

Those in the back may find it a bit of a squeeze which impacts comfort levels, but there won’t be too many complaints about the way the UX rides over bad surfaces. Only F Sport models have a slightly more fidgety ride, but even on larger alloy wheels it’s a more relaxed affair than in an Audi Q3 S Line, for example.

Cars fitted with smaller wheels and/or the Adaptive Variable Suspension option offer a very composed ride, with adaptive suspension that is tweaked based on the driving mode you’re in – with a choice of Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport S+. Leave it in Normal for the most relaxed ride.