Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0
  • Typical high quality Lexus interior
  • Plush materials and excellent driving position
  • Lots going on; infotainment is a black mark

How is the quality and layout?

The UX has an interior packed with as many interesting angles as the exterior – which can make it seem intimidating at first. Thankfully, it’s more cohesive overall and generally very easy to get to grips with, despite oddities such as the drive mode controlled built into a stalk on the side of the instrument cluster. Better yet, quality is extremely high, with some very intricate trim choices also available. It makes the main rivals seem rather plain and ordinary.

Getting comfortable behind the steering wheel is also straightforward, thanks to an impressive amount of available adjustment. You don’t sit especially high up like you might expect of an SUV – there’s more of a hatchback feel to the UX. However, hunkered down with the cabin swooping around you, this is a very pleasant place to be if you’re travelling in the front. The digital instrument panel distinguishes between the driving modes very clearly as well.

Infotainment and tech

Our biggest issue with the interior of the UX – at least in the front – is the infotainment system. The large screen is bright and easy to view, being set on top of the dashboard, but it’s operated ivia a touchpad similar to the sort of thing you’d find on a laptop computer. This can be rather frustrating and distracting to manage while on the move.

There are also a number of slightly oddly placed controls around the centre console armrest – all things you would get used to in time as an owner. In May 2022, Lexus announced it was ditching this system for a more conventional touchscreen, but we can’t report on how successful this move has been until we’ve used it. We can, however, tell you that the optional Mark Levinson hi-fi system is well worth it.


  • Excellent front seats on all UX models
  • Rear is short on space but similar quality
  • Refinement is good unless you’re hurrying

Not much road or wind noise sneaks into the cabin of the Lexus UX, which makes for relatively stress-free long journeys. And we’ve been very impressed by the seats on all models.

The standard chairs are wide and firm, but comfortable and with plenty of lumbar adjustment; heating and cooling functions are available. F-Sport models have tighter-fitting seats, especially around the hips, but these also prove comfortable on longer trips.

Those in the rear will be having less of a good time thanks to the limited space. But the quality and comfort of the seats themselves is every bit as good as the front, unless you’re relegated to the titchy middle position.