Parkers overall rating: 3.3 out of 5 3.3

Should you buy one?

The Lexus UX is most certainly not the most practical choice of compact premium SUV – the rear seats and the tiny boot put paid to that. But if you want something smooth, relaxing and easy to drive that also has some character then you could do far worse than consider one of these. The interior design and quality is first rate, and a very pleasant place to get stuck in a traffic jam. Especially if you’ve optioned the Mark Levinson stereo.

So while obvious rivals such as the Audi Q3 and Jaguar E-Pace offer a more rewarding driving experience, in many respects the UX feel more in-tune with the current climate of high petrol prices and emissions-concerned city centres. The hybrid system remains a rare feature in this class, works well, and can still put on a decent turn of speed if you need it to.

What we like

Take your time with the spec and the interior is like a luxury cocoon that puts almost every rival to shame. The hybrid tech is genuinely efficient, as well as relaxing and smooth. The ride is comfortable, and the UX is quietly quick rather than shouty and loud. It could well be the balm to the busy soul you’ve been looking for.

What we don’t like

The rear seat space is poor for anyone but children and the boot is laughably small – no way you’re getting a buggy in there, especially if you need the additional traction security of the E-Four all-wheel drive variant. It’s a touch dull to drive, and it could look a little more resolved on the outside. The current infotainment system is a let down, too, but at least there are plans to rectify that in the future.