Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Extremely well-designed cabin
  • Modern multimedia system
  • Gearshift paddles on steering column

Maserati Levante SUV: what's it like inside?

This is the most cleanly executed cabin we’ve seen from Maserati in an age. Predictably leather-heavy, but well-detailed with a perceptible hike in build quality. There’s even an optional silk roof lining…

Gearshift paddle shifters are mounted to the steering column, not the wheel itself. But they lack in blade length, so you can find yourself reaching for thin air when attempting a gearchange with lock wound on. Conversely, the paddles obstruct access to the indicator stalks.

The sat-nav, audio, telephone multimedia system with 8.4-inch touchscreen and rotary dial control looks goodm is quick and intuitive to use, but some essentials such as front seat heating and ventilation are pointlessly buried in sub-menus.

There are clear, analogue dials in the driver’s instrument binnacle and the multifunction steering wheel offers control of displays, cruise control and – for the one in a thousand owners who will ever be confronted by a slope daunting enough to merit it – hill descent speed control.

  • Front seats adjustable but not comfiest
  • Air suspension smooths out bumps well
  • Ride still firmer that some rivals

Maserati Levante SUV: which is most comfy for me?

A good driving position that requires hiking the seat quite high within the car, but the seat itself lets the side down through feeling too large and too lumpy.

There is spacious rear accommodation in the outer two seats, but, as ever, the middle seat is something of an afterthought, with legroom constricted by a rear centre console.

Lowest-in-class wind noise at speeds that will lose you your licence is all very well, but there’s a deal of tyre roar from 20-inch rubber at more humdrum velocities, and the diesel never sounds particularly engaging, particularly at idle, when it thrums through the car like a stoutly struck wasp’s nest. You’ll appreciate the petrol S’s soundtrack far more.

The Levante rides acceptably well on air springs in all ride height options, with an underlying tingle through controls and the seat of the pants which lets you know that handling performance remains the priority in all drive modes.