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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The dash of the MX-5 is cleanly styled, with controls laid out in a clear, logical manner. Some of the controls are beginning to look a little dated, but it only adds to the MX-5 charm. Good driving position for backroad blasts or motorway jaunts, with supportive seats and a great pedal layout. It’s all rather simple but very in keeping with the Mazda’s ethos of simple fun.

A glass rear screen is a real boon on damper day (it won’t perish or become discoloured like Perspex, either).

Only two seats of course, but they are shapely and supportive and the snug cockpit is big enough for most to get comfortable. There’s plenty of wind noise with the hood up and plenty of buffeting with it down. If you’ve got the roof down when you’re on the dual carriageway, you’ll be shouting at your passenger. Air conditioning isn’t standard – surprising considering the list price – which can be irritating on damp days or in the winter, when the cabin becomes damp.